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Happy Fourth!

Josh, Roy, Erik, Mory, Gili, Eszter, Binyamin (her son), Nadine, Moshe, Kate, Emily

Except for Moshe, who works with America, the large crowd was a coincidence.

It’s Alive

Nadine 41, Gili 36, Binyamin and Eszter 31, Josh 29

We went from  two to three then four players during the first round as people arrived. Advanced game, I finished first for once. First play for Josh.


Kate+, Nadine, Erik

First play for Erik. Kate and I tied with the 4 winning conditions, though she actually had five, and won on points, Erik had three. Kate and Erik didn’t totally get the either or on the higher cards or total. I got purple on the first round with a zero, I also had a zero in the red. Everyone got two factions first round.


Place order: Moshe, Mory, Roy, Josh

Strange Synergy

Same players as Revolution, Josh won.

Kingdom of Solomon

Emily 143, Eszter 129, Gili 123, Binyamin 109

Emily brought this and taught it, first play for everyone else. Worker placement on what Emily says is an inaccurate map of ancient Israel.

Lo Ra

Kate 58, Erik 36, Nadine 26

First play for Erik, who caught on to the strategy well. Kate had around 16 menorahs, and despite our efforts we couldn’t stop her from getting candles. A lot of disasters showed up, Kate used the ark to cancel some. Slow on the auction tiles the first two rounds; the third round went super quickly.


Moshe 28, Josh 18

Josh brings a whole duffle bag of games.


Emily 133, Eszter 125, Gili 119, Binyamin 103

They played 10 rounds.