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Dying doesn’t help me

Mace, Eszter, Nadine


Mace and I started a game, but Eszter arrived before we got very far. I probably had less life because Mace got life back.


Mace 48, Eszter 33, Nadine 29

2013-05-08 19.36.17I told Eszter she could bring this even if she didn’t know how to play. It wasn’t hard to figure out, except where the rules weren’t clear; we started by watching Tom Vasel’s review which helped us understand the game. It’s not complicated, and we’re not sure about the replayability. But it was interesting to play especially once we understood how the worker placement and workers dying affect each other. Mace caught on well, and was able to succeed with his strategy of traveling. I didn’t realize how the travel costs were applied, so it looked like it took more resources than it did. Eszter also traveled, but didn’t get as far. She had 3 cities for 6 points, Mace had all 6 for 18. Eszter did a little bit of everything in addition, and got 8 end game points at the church, as did Mace, I got 3. I focused on the market, but didn’t do a good enough job, I only got 4 chips, and didn’t have the right resources to buy more. I was trying to have all my people die to end the game, but they were in the wrong places to give me points. For dying, Mace and I got 7 points, Eszter 4, but I did end the game earlier than it would have finished otherwise. I had tons of cubes for extra actions, but you can only use them while there are still cubes on the board so they don’t help so much. Eszter got the game for her kids for Shavuot, so now she understands the game and the strategies.