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Social Distancing Gaming

Yehuda here. I am slowly trying to organize distance gaming to enable Wed nights to remain game nights. I didn’t have the chance to fully do it this week, but I did play two remote games.


My partner Allegra and I played Codenames remotely with my daughter Tal, on my team, and Allegra’s friend Lisa, on her team. We did an actual overhead shot of cards on the table, only for my son to tell me afterwards that actually we can play Codenames online. That will help, since our remote players had a little trouble with the connection and with seeing the top row of cards.

With lots of delays, we managed to play two games, with Tal giving me the clues in the second game. It was the first time playing for Lisa. We each won a game.


David, Avi, Aaron, and I tried out onlinetichu.com, and we played most of one game. I had trouble understanding the interface at first, and David and the others felt that the interface was just too slow, so we didn’t finish the game. We’ll try a different site next time.

As for all of our other gamers, I will try to be more proactive in organizing online games next week (and then it will be Pesach). Games Day won’t happen, of course, but maybe I will be able to organize something for that, as well.

PR and Mars

Puerto Rico

Buildings, Shipping, Bonus, Total Nadine F 22 25 14 61  Nadine 18 28 7 53  Haim 14 22 6 42

I reviewed the rules for both, and helped a bit during play, such as recommending small market, harbor and guild hall to Nadine F. She ended with that and fortress, also had harbor. Haim had an almost full residence with hacienda, and I had CH, factory, harbor, wharf. I may have been better off with 2 large buildings. We had factory at 7. Haim put taking mayor to good use, he took it almost every round so got a lot of goods going early, without a quarry, and we couldn’t man ours. Nadine F had a tobacco monopoly and realized on her own to take a ship rather than trading.

Terraforming Mars

Noam 113, Jon 102

Noam is an experienced player, Jon thought he was losing by more than he was. There were tons of cards and hexes used.

Codenames Duet

I wanted to try this, Nadine F and I took turns playing with Haim. It’s good, but hard because you always have to give clues, and need to do more than one card.


Nadine / Noam 285  Jon / Haim -85

We taught this to Noam and played two rounds. I had 3 aces but not much else so I didn’t call Tichu, no one did, we got 85. Jon called next round. I had 3 aces and two other triples, but didn’t call against him. Noam bombed him when Jon had 4 cards left, 8899, I went out first and then Noam. Good timing on Noam’s part.



David Nadine
Jon Haim
We played a few rounds until Aaron came.

Vegas Showdown

David 50, Nadine 42, Jon 37, Aaron 37, Haim 35

First play for Haim and Aaron. I didn’t manage to make a pathway or finish blue, my buildings were good but in the wrong places. David paid a lot for a good building that he didn’t have the prereq for, and others bought all the prereqs so he couldn’t place it, but he won anyway. David had 4 Fancy Lounges and the Theater, for 13 pts from diamonds, and no blue tiles. Haim had 6 or 8 Slots, hard to manage in a 5-player game, and  his board was almost full. Aaron finished his connection and I think both areas. It’s a hard game for 5, Jon did worse than he usually does.

La Granja

David 72, Nadine 66, Jon 65, Haim 59

First play for David and he won. The game is pretty balanced, we all worked hard and the scores were close. I could have filled another barrow at the end for a few additional points, but it was too late at night to do the calculations. Everyone had good cards, but Jon’s seemed better – the same one as last week – play a new barrow when you finish one, and one where he never gets knocked of the board, he can move somewhere else. Haim went for siesta points, David also. Jon and David were each the first to finish two craft buildings, I didn’t do any.

And Gola did TP the pyramid of Joeleephus


Jon+, David+


David 10 Colin 9 Nadine 8 Jon 2

First play for Colin. I got 3 points for not dumping. We played regular, probably for the last time because Jon convinced me why random is better.

Amun Re

Jon 45 Nadine 39 David 38 Haim 29 Colin 19

First play for Colin Haim. David was ahead of me after the first kingdom. Jon was first player, and kept it for 3 turns by bidding well. I was lucky that no one competed with me for most pyramids on my side of the river. I didn’t get a bonus power card until the 5th turn, but at least it was one I could use. I had 2 brick pyramid cards last turn so I couldn’t use them, I couldn’t use one the turn before because I didn’t have enough money. I didn’t know that bonus cards shown on provinces count towards the 9 card bonus. Jon didn’t know that winning the bribe makes you first player again. We changed the plus or minus 3 power card to also give you 3 coins, so we all played all the ones we got. Colin almost tied Jon for most pyramids, which would have put him at 24, but Jon didn’t have anything better to do with his bribe action so brought an extra brick. Jon: I assessed well in Amun Re, but I still got lucky that people bid what they bid, which gave me extra items. Also that David let me go last in the last turn.

Anyone who hasn’t read the funniest session report on bgg should read it: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/24697/session-report


Jon/Haim 300, David/Nadine 300

David called but Haim blocked it; David had high cards but it wasn’t clear that he needed to use them so early. David called a 3 with the one, Haim had a 3 bomb. He had a straight to the Ace, so did David and I. -50 50. Jon made a Tichu. I barely made a Tichu, David saved me with the dog, I was stuck with a 2, and he went out second. Jon made another Tichu, with an 11 card straight.


Plus 40


Jon++ David


Aaron 97, Jon 91, Roy 82, Nimrod 82

First play for Aaron, Roy and Nimrod, good job Aaron!

Power Grid

David 18 18 +33 Gili 18 18 +24 Nadine 18 18 +10 Haim 18 16

Haim has less experience playing Power Grid, and this was his and Gili’s first time playing with the 4 top cards of the deck exposed. Haim only built to 16 cities. David won by less than usual. During Step 1, David built away from me instead of blocking me. On the last round both Gili and I upgraded plants to increase our capacity from 17 to 18, David already had 18. We were all able to build to 18, but David still had more money. We played on the US board on the East coast, as usual.

Hansa Teutonica

Nadine F+, Noam, Colin

First play for Colin.


David / Jon 1060, Haim / Nadine 40

Jon and David are better players, but this was mostly luck with great cards. I called Tichu first hand with 3 Aces, Jon had the cards to block me, but the score was only 30 to -30. After that they went out first and second several times, and made Tichus and GTs. When Haim had a good hand and called Tichu, both Jon and David had red flush bombs, and went out first and second. By the end, Haim and I were glad to at least reach a positive score.

Suburbia with a view

We met at Jon’s new place, which looks great for game days, with a huge balcony overlooking Jerusalem.


David++, Jon+

R Eco

Avi 21 – 6 15
Haim 5 – 2 3
Nadine 7+4 11

Five Tribes

Nadine 159, Avi 151, Haim 110, Denis 91

First play for Denis, Avi and Haim had played once a while ago.


Jon 148, David 141, Colin 68

First play for Colin.


Haim and David 470, Avi, Nadine, Jon 930

Jon, David and I took turns switching out.


Lords of Waterdeep


J++, D

Slap Deck

Colin 311, Jon 228, David 177

Lords of Waterdeep

David 154 Jon 121 Haim 109 Colin 86


1000+ to 70

Jon and Colin, David and Haim

David: We had an amazing night. All the high cards were by us.
Jon: 165 to 35, 265 to 35, 400 to 0, and then 200 to 0. 4 hands.

– Jon 6/26