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Haithabu, Sushi, Tichu

Happy Birthday Jon! (English), and David! (Hebrew)


Lorenzo, Jon, David, Nadine

Jon’s new game. We spent time figuring out how to set up and play. Each one of eight rounds is the same, with some extra scoring after the fourth and last. We had a mitigated version of the luck mechanic, but I rolled terribly and Jon rolled well, you can either get an extra action, a penalty action, or nothing. If the luck evens out then it doesn’t matter that much, and it probably would have. In addition I made a few mistakes, so I was behind. We stopped after two rounds because we understood how the game worked and it was taking a long time. We’ll try again, possibly with some rules adjustments. A nice game, but repetitive, and there does not seem to be much player interaction.

Among the Stars

Aaron, Sara, Nadine S

Castles of Burgundy

Aaron, Sara

Sushi Go Party

Nadine 54, David 53, Lorenzo 48

First play for David and Lorenzo, they liked it as a quick game. We may have played wrong since I don’t remember everything and the rules are in Chinese. Or Japanese.


Jon, David+  Nadine, Aaron

We were going to play to 500 because it was late, when we stopped Jon and David were just shy of it, and Aaron and I were negative. We would, or should, have gotten better hands later in the game, but Jon and David are both better players.


Tiki Jon

Welcome to visitor Rachel from the UK. She works with a non-profit partnering with MATI, so she’ll be back.


Jon 114, Rachel 88, Elad 87, Haim 85, Nadine 84

First play for Rachel and Elad, so they did extremely well, second play for Haim who also did well. We gave them some tips after teaching the game, but they came up with their own strategies. I should have been competition for Jon, but instead came in last. Jon did a really good job planning and implementing his winning strategy – in addition to 45 points from Kahunas with lots of Tikis, he was often first in round points. I wasted resources trying to be first in round points, I should have just used my two 4 point surfers, though I did come in second once or twice. I had the boat and surfer multiplier, Jon thought he had it, and was ahead or tied with me in boats. I don’t think the extra fruit compensated enough for turn order first round: Rachel, Haim, Jon, Nadine, Elad.

Rachel got 6 pts per arrow chip, Elad had full fruits, and Haim had 4 villages and Kahunas, and was first in rounds points in the last round.

Sushi Go Party!

Jon 50, Nadine 48, Rachel 43, Elad 41, Haim 25

First play for Elad, Haim and Rachel. The right level and length for the end of the evening.

Close games with exclamation points


Jon 97, Aaron 96, Nadine 86

Aaron had only played once and wanted to play again. Aaron seemed to be doing the best, but Jon ended up ahead of him. I did better than usual, I got more feet to compensate for last time, but needed more buying power. No one came close to dying and we all made it out easily.

Sushi Go Party!

Aaron 49, Nadine 48, Jon 38

We had chopsticks and spoons. I got to 10 in desserts first for 8 points.


Haim Nadine 1070, Jon Aaron 930

A rematch from last time, but this time close the whole way. I ended up calling GT 4 times, and Tichu 3 times, Haim called Tichu once but didn’t make it. I made my Tichus, and missed one Grande. I should have made it but I guess there was no way to know. Aaron and Jon had pretty full hands. I had a 6 card straight to the Queen and the Dragon left. I played the straight first. Aaron went over it, and Jon almost went over him because he knew he could go out. They both had long straights, Aaron was able to go out without playing a single card. They didn’t have a bomb so I would  have made it if I’d played the Dragon first. On another GT I used an Ace bomb with 3 cards left, and Aaron overbombed with a straight. But he played a single card so I made it, I had the Dog, a King and the Dragon. On my last GT Haim passed Aaron the One and he called Ace and played a 10 card straight, then played a pair. Jon had to take it with his two Aces, and Jon ended up playing his third Ace, so it’s possible he could have blocked me if Aaron hadn’t called with the One. I played a 5 card straight with the Dragon left, Haim wanted to play over me but we didn’t let him, though he was right, he would have played the Dog or a single card back. Jon had 5 cards so if he could have gone over Haim he could have also gone over me, but he couldn’t.

Jon and Aaron called Tichu 5 times, Aaron missed two of his. We almost blocked another one, but he had two bombs in his hand. On another hand he called with a King bomb but didn’t make it, if he hadn’t called Tichu Jon would have called, but probably also not made it. I overcalled Tichu with a high straight bomb, 2 Kings and a low straight.