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Passover Games Day 5779

Thank you to everyone who helped set up and clean up, and brought snacks and games. I came in last a lot, and only won one game of Tichu, and lost one. I don’t have info on all the games.


Jon: I taught Antike to my friend Ilana’s husband and their 4 kids. The boys all picked up the rules (sometimes one picked up a rule and had to explain it, or a different one) faster than the father. The girl played for a few rounds and decided to play with her phone instead, I didn’t see how far they got. And they had to play on the floor. So when they left right after, I thought that they didn’t have a good time. But Ilana said that they were happy to learn a new game and want to buy it.

Azul x3

Israel 113, Assaf 96, Ishai 70

Binyamin 77 Haim 70 Gili 60

Rosalynn 92, Avi 71, Azriel 65, Nechemia 38


David+, Cliff, Gili/Jon

Jon: I inherited a bad position from Gili but turned it into second position by mid-game. The only reason Cliff and I had any chance was because David didn’t strike us down with disasters when he could have. It was obvious that David was way ahead and we could not catch up, so I asked to end early and save two hours or so.

Clank! x 2

Binyamin 131, Haim 89, Gili 74

Cliff 73, Binyamin 66, Mishi 51, Elianna 32

Jon: Binyamin played with the rules so wrong that they made the game trivial, long, and boring with no decisions. And then he said he didn’t like the game because it was too long with no decisions.


Ofer and kids

Hannabi x2lll

Yochai, Eliezer, Israel

They won with 21points the first game, 20 points the second one, a cooperative game.

Isle of Skye x2

David 62 Gili 49 Jon 62 . Jon and David share victory , same amount of money

Avi 83, Benyamin 73, Mishi – 72, Elianna – 57

Avi: we almost surely played the game wrong.


Lords of Waterdeep

Israel 180, Assaf 163, Ishai 145


Jon++ David.

Jon: I had a killer deck. We both played BU.

Pioneer Days x2

Avi 80, Lior 77, Nadine 43

First play for all. We forgot to advance the disasters at the end. I drew 4 gold chips, all had one gold, instead of 2 or 3, not that it would have mattered much. I had two equipments for cattle, but cattle hardly ever came up.

David 67, Jon 46, Nadine 34

First play for David. He had a good cattle setup, after I didn’t take the get a second cattle chip, this game cattle came up a lot. I made mistakes in both games, in this one I lost all my people on the last round, they would have given me 18 points.

Power Grid

Nechemia+, Avi, Rosalynn, Azriel

Puerto Rico

Azriel+, Rosalynn, Nechemia, Zvi, Haim

Raiders of the North Sea

Gili 73, Eszter 66, Lior 53


Ben 154, Avi/Eszter 107, Zvi 105, Nadine 103

Newish to them.


Jon 10, Nadine 8, David -5

First play for Nadine and David.

Stone Age

Ben, Assaf, Rabi, Nadine S

Izaa: First time for us. Rabi won a good 50 points ahead of me with Nadine S not far behind.

Terraforming Mars

I have a lost gold cube from the game.

Tichu x3

We didn’t finish the first game, Nadine, Ben, Avi, Chaim. I think.

David/Nadine+, Jon/Haim

David/Nadine, Jon/Haim+

I couldn’t believe how bad Jon and Haim’s cards were, we won easily. But then we played again, and our cards were even worse. Usually it’s more even during a game.


Binyamin S, Elad, Elianna


Binyamin S 58, Chaim 46, Yehiel 39, Yohanan 38

New to all. Jon: I also taught them Village and they played that wrong too, taking several extra turns they were not supposed to.




May 18, 2011

Participants: Jon, David K, Nadine, Zachary, Eliezer

I lost my notes, again. I picked up David and brought him home with me. While waiting for others to show up, David created a pile of Magic card for us to draft from later in the evening.

Glory to Rome

Nadine 15, Eliezer 15, David 10, Zachary 9, Jon 9

First game for Zachary, second game for David and Eliezer. I started with a simple brown building and then began a Catacombs, on the theory that a partially built Catacombs would give me the flexibility to end the game when I wanted and protect me from Forums. It didn’t work for me, and I didn’t complete any other building by the end of the game (which ended with David’s Catacombs). I lost out on the utility that other buildings could have supplied in the meantime.

I’m not sure that the strategy was entirely bad; I may have been unlucky. By the way, my other six points came from a single stashed purple card and the bonus for most purple cards.

Nadine built an early killer combo: two brown clients, the building that doubles her client abilities, and the building that increases her hand size to 9. Each round she drew back up to 9 cards, and on each brown action she started AND completed two or three buildings.

All her points were in buildings.

Eliezer built the second most amount of buildings, and also had six points from a stashed blue card and the blue bonus. David was almost as far behind as I was, and he completed Catacombs to put us out of our misery.


Eliezer, Zachary, Nadine

Zach didn’t have much more time, so Eliezer taught Nadine and him a round of this game. Meanwhile, David and I drafted our Magic decks.

Year of the Dragon

Nadine 100something, David around 20 points behind, Eliezer, Jon

First play for Eliezer. I went in to this game not a fan of the game, and I ended even less of a fan; I’ll be dropping it a point on my ranking. It’s not that I don’t see that there is strategy to work out, which David and Nadine have worked out better than I have. It’s that the entire thing bores me. I don’t really know why. It’s just not compelling. Notre Dame, to which this game has been compared but is a less punishing game, doesn’t bother me as much, and compels me slightly more (slightly).

David took a commanding early lead on the turn order track and stayed there the entire game, though I cam close enough to worry him occasionally. He took strong books, earning 9 points a pop during the last few rounds. However, he eventually lost all of his guys on the last round. Nadine built out to four or five huts, took a first round double dragon, and an early princess. She kept six guys and nine buddha points.

I managed to keep eight guys in four huts and a fourth round single dragon and a sixth round princess. No buddhas.

Magic: The Gathering

Jon++, David+

This was the second time in a row that I’ve beaten David. He won the first game handily and I was sure that my deck wasn’t going to do much, even though it didn’t look too bad: black with splashes of red and white, 15 creatures, creature kill cards, and the flagbearer enchantment. The latter is a pretty unassuming card that worked wonders when I brought it out, just like it did the last time I played with it. The enchantment redirects any targeted spell or ability cast by the opponent onto the enchanted creature.

I won the second game with some selective creature kill, followed by a standoff and a Last Ditch Effort, and the third after a long battle, followed by sacrificing some Clerics (shapeshifters, actually) each netting 2 loss of life to him and 2 gain for me.

June 09, 2010

Participants: Jon, Miriam, Ksenia, Gili, Nadine, Abraham, Emily, Eitan, Rachel

Emily and Eitan make it back after a few weeks absence. Miriam was here for her third week; she’s a natural gamer.

Dominion / Dominion Intrigue / Dominion Seaside

Ksenia 25, Jon 24, Gili 21, Miriam 21

Kingdoms: Chapel, Moat, Moneylender, Gardens, Adventurer, Steward, Coppersmith, Ironworks, Bazaar, Tactician

Lots of trashing doesn’t mix well with Gardens, but Ironworks does. And one would take Moneylender or Coppersmith, not both. First time playing with Steward, and I noticed that you have to trash exactly two cards, not “up to two”. First time playing with Tactician, which is as powerful as it looks, but it was still hard to choose between it and Bazaar.

First play for Miriam. It was a mistake to play with Steward and Ironworks, both of which require a choice between three actions, which makes it difficult to understand, let alone make the decision, on your first play. Tip: when introducing new players, don’t play with complicated cards.

I thought it was a close, quick game, and it was.


Abraham 53, Nadine 52, Gili 43

Abraham loves this game, like I do. Nadine wasn’t sure after her first play, so she played again to see if she liked it better the second time. She said that she likes it enough to play it again, but it’s not in her top tier with Puerto Rico or El Grande.

At the end scoring, they thought that they were tied, until they remembered that Nadine had to subtract 1 point for her debt.

Power Grid

Jon 15+, Miriam 15, Ksenia 15

First plays for both Miriam and Ksenia. I explained the market mechanics as we played, but only mentioned once, and early, about ties being decided by money. As a result, when the end of the game came down to money, Miriam hadn’t prepared properly for it. Furthermore, it was fortunate that I was able to end the game the round that I did, because both Ksenia and Miriam were set to gain a lot more than I was on the next round: I was two cities up on them, bit still needed more capacity, while they both had 17 capacity already.

The reason for this was because, in our game, fuel, especially coal, was running out each round. And so, at the end of the game, in order to ensure that I had fuel, I had to dump a 5 plant powered by coal for a 5 plant powered by oil, and so couldn’t move up in production capacity to any of the 6 or 7 plants (which were all coal).

I thought Ksenia wasn’t handling the mid-game plants well, but somehow she ended up essentially tied with us by the end of the game, anyway.

Mr Jack

Emily++, Eitan

Emily and Eitan end up playing with each other often, as they tend to arrive late and while we’re in the middle of other games.

Emily won two games against Eitan. In the first, she was Criminal and escaped in round 4. In the second, she was Detective and jumped on Mr Jack on turn 7.


Nadine/Abraham 140, Jon/Miriam 60

We only had time for one hand while Eitan and Emily finished their second game of Mr Jack. Nadine went out of character and called and made Tichu. Miriam also considered calling it; luckily she didn’t. She ended up going out last. I went out second.


Jon 27, Abraham 26, Eitan 14, Emily 4

First play for everyone except me, and I had previously only played one half of a hand. I had to look up the rules (on BGG, since I have the German edition) to remember how to play.

We played four hands, and we all played better with each hand. There are a number of things going on in the game. Still, I’m unconvinced that there is any strategy in the game; it seems to be nearly all tactics. Perhaps more plays will reveal more of the strategy.

  • Hand 1: Abraham 8, Jon 4, Emily -13, Eitan -17
  • Hand 2: Jon 6, Abraham 2, Eitan -2, Emily -2
  • Hand 3: Eitan 12, Jon 8, Emily 5, Abraham 4
  • Hand 4: Emily 14, Eitan 13, Abraham 12, Jon 9

Puerto Rico

Rachel 56, Nadine 51, Ksenia 47, Miriam 40

First plays for Miriam and Ksenia. Rachel had a full Guild Hall, Factory, and Small Market. Nadine had four corns, Factory, Wharf, and Customs House. Which kind of made whatever Miriam and Ksenia had irrelevant. Actually, Ksenia was pretty close (hmmmm… this is not the first time I’ve underestimated her score during a game).