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Solamente Espana

El Grande

Haim 20, 45, 73; Nadine 21, 48, 73; Israel 14, 40, 71; Eliezer 12, 32, 67; Gili 13, 37, 57

First play for Eliezer and Israel, who are high school seniors at Mekor Haim. The did very well at catching on and improving, they got the most points in the last third. Haim has played a few times, but not as much as Gili and I have. Gili was attacked once or twice for no reason, the game is fun and interactive.


Nadine 64, Haim 62, Gili 51, Israel 40

First play for Israel and Haim; I played a two-player game once. The game isn’t very interactive and feels a bit like work. And there’s luck, I went first and last on the last round, there was a die left that let me complete a row for five points.


More abstracts than usual


Nadine 35, Gili 33

Very pretty game, as billed. It’s abstract, with similarities to Azul, but much harder. It’s unlikely that you can play your last dice legally, much less get points. Sometimes the card actions can help. They didn’t help Gili much, I didn’t try them, which saved me 3 points so I won. I like the game because it’s relatively short, even if it gives me a headache.


Elad 97, Moran 87, Jon 77

First play for Elad and his wife Moran.

Tigris and Euphrates

Elad 7, Moran 6 7, Jon 6 6

Jon said first time he’s lost to new players, but it was very close.


Gili 142+, Haim 142, Nadine 128

Gili won the tie because she was ahead in the Senate. The game usually balances well, so I played poorly. Gili had tons of cards, for 18 points. The bonus tile both of us needed didn’t come out in the game, we would each have gotten 12 points with it. Haim had a lot of extra actions, which helped him.

Slap Deck

Jon, Elad, and Moran played several rounds.


Elad 55, Jon 52, Moran 26 or so

First play for Elad and Moran.