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The worst job in Jerusalem

Gili, Josh, Yossi, Nadine

Gili told Yossi about our group. I thought he might be joking when he said his job is manager of ticketing for the light rail. I asked if he was on tranquilizers, he said ‘you have no idea’, but I think we can all imagine. One issue predates his job – there was no metric mandated to the vendor for the time it takes to get a ticket from a machine. A transportation worker in Europe suggested that City Pass prepare the system for an attack from Iran. Right.


Nadine 2 2 3 3 5, Gili 1 2 3 4 4, Josh 2 2 3 4

I taught this to Josh, then Gili arrived in time to join. The luck seemed pretty evenly distributed. We got better at the trade options.


Nadine 36, Josh 35, Yossi 26, Gili 9

For the first time, we played with the Victory Point system, instead of Victory Conditions. The game ends when the first person gets 6 faction markers, and you get points for unlimited numbers of items except tribune and favor, such as 1 point for 10 coins. It’s a different way to play, I think it makes winning factions a bit less important. Everyone thought Josh had it in the bag the whole game because he won and held a lot of factions, and was the only one to get a tribune. I wasn’t so sure, I thought I had a chance, but wouldn’t know til the end. I concentrated on getting points, including laurels which are 1 point each – I had 16; I reconquered the yellow faction to get 3 laurels from it with the zero, which also let me buy a third legion, and the difference between a scroll and tribune is only 4 points. I won purple and senators first round, but couldn’t hold them for the second round. Josh had a lot of high cards to keep his 3 factions, including the proconsul and orange for money. That’s another difference playing this way, it’s harder to tell how everyone is doing because it’s closer. Even if we knew each of our points going into what could be the last round, it might not have mattered. Josh could have decided not to end the game, but you get two points for ending it, as well as the faction benefits.


Yossi 143, Josh 141, Gili 115, Nadine 95

First play for me and Yossi, who did a good job. He was fighting with Josh for control of buildings, and just managed to squeak by. I put 5 gold on the printer almost every time, Yossi won it twice which helped him with points. The game feels  like placing in the Castillo in El Grande every turn, and like playing roulette. Which I don’t really like. There’s a lot of gambling, some strategy. And interesting decisions at the very end, depending on the board situation. The other three all played well.

Slovakian Champion

Josh, Gili, Nadine, Leah, Nina, Shlomo

Nina found our group on Facebook this afternoon. and called to get details. She’s the fifth best Carcassonne player in Slovakia, and says she would have done better in the tournament if the European champion hadn’t been there. Shlomo is her fiance, Israeli but born in Italy and lived in London, a math major going into the army soon. Leah is a friend of Josh’s who is learning at Nishmat.


Gili 11, Josh 5, Nadine 3, Leah -1

Gili arrived but we waited a while for more people before starting a filler. We watched a bit of the news on the terror attack on a group of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. First play for Leah, and Josh played once. We played regular, and all dumped.

Stone Age

Gili 311, Josh 174, Leah 124

First play for Josh and Leah. I think Gili had cards.


Josh 280, Leah 177, Gili 111

First Sparks

Nina 14, Nadine 13, Shlomo 10

First play for Nina, Shlomo had played once. They caught on well, though we helped each other. Shlomo stayed in good turn order position, but that hurt him at the end. I built to 13 even though I figured Nina could overtake me, and she did, but would have won anyway.  Nina and Shlomo were getting two mammoths each which is strong. We didn’t have a problem with not having food for technology, I kept warning them during expansion which takes care of the issue, but you do need someone to realize and warn.

Lo Ra

Nadine 46, Nina 30, Shlomo 18

First play for both of them. I won on a combination of luck and experience. I had a lot of menorahs, but during the second round didn’t get a candle. During the last round, Shlomo used his 13 to stop me from getting a candle, there were two tiles. Another candle came up right after, and I was high with the 12. He did well with tribes, Nina had most baskets and the ark, but didn’t have an animal. In addition to around 8 menorahs I had 4 animals.

Four games played in the time it takes some of us to play one

Josh, Elisheva, Sara, Roy, Daria, Erik, Gili, Jon, Cliff, Nadine

OK, three and a half. We had to go to two tables. Daria is a friend of Roy’s, Cliff is mostly a wargamer who is raising his own game group so he doesn’t come often.

We sorted and dealt David and Goliath, but stopped when more people showed up.


Elisheva 176, Roy 160, Daria, 57, Josh 53, Sara 44

They picked this because it was five-player, I switched to Shipyard so Josh could teach and play it.

Puerto Rico

Josh 60, Daria 47, Roy 35

From partially listening to Josh’s explanation, Jon and I got the impression that we would teach and play differently than he did with new players; Daria and Roy are new to Eurogames.


Elisheva, Sara, Erik

When Erik arrived, Sara and Elisheva left the Puerto Rico explanation to teach this to Erik. They had to stop before finishing the game because Elisheva had to leave suddenly.

Berserker Halflings in the Dungeons of Dragons

Josh 9, Erik 27, second round Josh 37, Erik 13

Josh taught this card game that he brought, he comes equipped with a bag of games.


Jon 109, Cliff 70, Gili 67, Nadine 57

This game took longer than all the other games together. The explanation took a while, and we had to look up rules even though we’ve played before. It’s long with 4 players, and the bonus cards work differently, you lose two after two rounds. I thought I was doing worse than I was, the three of us ended up pretty close. Cliff would have had 63 but we let him switch bonus cards for the logical one because it was his first play. Gili did well with her bonuses and ship points. Jon spent time thinking everything out, and we could see it was paying off so we knew he was going to win. He had great bonus cards with good synergy, the 4 points for navigation cards, he had five, and the zillion points for lots of ships; in addition to playing his bonuses well he says he also had luck in addition. Cliff said the game grew on him, it’s fiddly but also challenging.


Happy Fourth!

Josh, Roy, Erik, Mory, Gili, Eszter, Binyamin (her son), Nadine, Moshe, Kate, Emily

Except for Moshe, who works with America, the large crowd was a coincidence.

It’s Alive

Nadine 41, Gili 36, Binyamin and Eszter 31, Josh 29

We went from  two to three then four players during the first round as people arrived. Advanced game, I finished first for once. First play for Josh.


Kate+, Nadine, Erik

First play for Erik. Kate and I tied with the 4 winning conditions, though she actually had five, and won on points, Erik had three. Kate and Erik didn’t totally get the either or on the higher cards or total. I got purple on the first round with a zero, I also had a zero in the red. Everyone got two factions first round.


Place order: Moshe, Mory, Roy, Josh

Strange Synergy

Same players as Revolution, Josh won.

Kingdom of Solomon

Emily 143, Eszter 129, Gili 123, Binyamin 109

Emily brought this and taught it, first play for everyone else. Worker placement on what Emily says is an inaccurate map of ancient Israel.

Lo Ra

Kate 58, Erik 36, Nadine 26

First play for Erik, who caught on to the strategy well. Kate had around 16 menorahs, and despite our efforts we couldn’t stop her from getting candles. A lot of disasters showed up, Kate used the ark to cancel some. Slow on the auction tiles the first two rounds; the third round went super quickly.


Moshe 28, Josh 18

Josh brings a whole duffle bag of games.


Emily 133, Eszter 125, Gili 119, Binyamin 103

They played 10 rounds.

Revolutionary Professional

Gili, Josh, Sara, Elisheva, Eszter, Eitan, Emily, Nadine

We told Josh about our meetings when we ran into him at Bigor and gave him a ride back, he was in Emily and Eitan’s RPG group, and is a demonstrator for Steve Jackson games.

Instead of starting with a filler while waiting, Josh taught Revolution. They had begun playing by the time the others arrived and I started explaining Shipyard; between the explanation and playing that took us all evening. I’ve been moving books around to make space for games; if more people show up we’ll need another table.


Elisheva+, Gili, Josh, Sara

A Steve Jackson game with a board that reminded us of Clue.


Elisheva+, Gili, Josh, Sara

They finished Tribune as we were getting to the end of Shipyard. Gili taught the game, first play for everyone else, they played with victory conditions which included a mandatory tribune. Elisheva and Gili both finished in the same round, the tie breaker scores were 26 for Elisheva and 24 for Gili. They liked the game.


Sara+, Gili, Josh, Elisheva

First play for Josh, they played with random chips.


Emily 66*, Eitan 62, Eszter 60, Nadine 52

I taught this, first play for the others. It takes a while to explain everything so that they understand before the game starts, and it takes time to set up. I wasn’t doing well from the beginning, I didn’t concentrate enough and didn’t play strategically. I did explain pretty well though, and gave Eszter good advice, so she took things I wanted right before I could, like the card for not needing a propeller. The contract cards drive strategy and help players focus. I sailed 4 ships for my cards, everyone else sailed two. The game is more challenging with 4 than 2, it’s harder to get the actions you want, or be in position to get what you need.

*Emily didn’t hear or remember that you couldn’t pay to move on the train rondel; towards the end of the game she moved one to sell 3 coals at 4, and we didn’t notice. We couldn’t undo the action because she wouldn’t have gone there if she had known. I had gotten a two coal card in anticipation, though I don’t know if I would have been able to go there at the right time. But she played very well, and most likely legally otherwise, so we’re giving her the win.