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Monsters and Vikings

King of New York

Chaim 20, Nadine 18, David 16, Gili 18 but dead

Gili had played King of Tokyo and wanted to try this one. I said the additional complexity isn’t worth it, but everyone liked it with the more strategic options. I was in Manhattan the least. David had a card that let him roll an extra die. Chaim had cards that helped him, he was the first to get the 3 star card, and spent the most time in Manhattan.

Raiders of the North Sea

David 47, Haim 36, Nadine 35, Gili 30

First play for David and Haim, Gili and I had played one 3-player game. Turn order, which doesn’t change: David, me, Haim, Gili. Chaim didn’t like my advice to start with inexpensive cards, but he edged ahead of me because of one of his original cards which gave two points at the end of the game. It was hard to get the things we needed in order to raid, it’s somehow much more difficult in a 4-player game, and more raiding spots are taken. We all liked the game and want to try again, though this time people played negative effects against other players, which we didn’t have last time. But it’s usually not that bad, though David played a card first round that made us all give him one of our two coins, when most cards cost two or more. There is a good combination of planning and tactics, without being able to plan in detail due to player interaction.


Yay David!


David 38, Jon 30, Aaron 29, Haim 24

First play for Aaron and Haim.

Raiders of the North Sea

Nadine 54, Nadine F 51, Gili 42

Gili brought this, first play for all of us. A nice game, not difficult to learn, but it is tight, so each action matters. I started by investing in fighting power, and mostly managed to avoid Valkyries so I didn’t lose cards. You have to manage several things but it works well. Without planning to, I took one of the tiles Gili wanted, which meant she couldn’t use her plunder efficiently. None of us used the stealing action which I don’t think I like because you’ll steal what you need, not select the player who is furthest behind, if you can even tell. The game is an award-winner, in the top 100 on bgg.


Nadine 86, Nadine F 67, Gili 63

Nadine F was trying to take into consideration what the rest of us needed, which makes sense, but I complained because it made the game too slow.


David 141, Aaron 123, Jon 114, Haim 99

Turns out that we’ve been playing wrong – you have to pay double or more to build houses where one is already built. David focused on cloth.


Jon Haim, Nadine David

We didn’t finish the whole game, but Jon and Haim were ahead when we stopped. We set one of Jon’s 3 Tichus, and they set one of David’s by playing 2 bombs.

David found and brought plastic Tichu cards to replace Jon’s almost unplayable decks. The cards are smooth and slippery, with different art, a major improvement!