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Three-way tie

Welcome back Gili from a vacation in Canada. And Yona came back after 5+ months in California.

20140903_201333Once Upon a Time

Nadine+, Shalom, Gili, Raz, Lior, Yoni

Shalom brought and taught this, and ran it. You need at least on person to keep track and review the story. You tell stories based on cards, and have an end game card that needs to be relevant, you win by playing all your cards first. We didn’t have so many tactical interruptions, but enough that I missed my first turn; I made up for it by playing them all at once, though people were being polite and not very competitive.

Puerto Rico

Nadine 20,19,10 49.8, Lior 21, 17,11 49.2, Raz 21,16,12 49.0

First play for both of them. I did pretty well at not helping or commenting once they caught on, they did a few things I wouldn’t have done but of course they worked. They gave each other advice. I had a coffee monopoly and got a harbor at the end, and I had a small warehouse. They both had small markets and factories but only 3 goods, Raz had a tobacco monopoly. They each had two large buildings, Lior had Residence and a Hacienda, I had a full Guild Hall. They lost goods when they couldn’t ship, and took mayor a lot. They understood the strategic aspects so thought a lot on their turns. We re-counted all the points after realizing it was a tie, I’ve never seen a three-way tie.

20140903_211732Carson City

Gili 55, Yoni 42, Shalom 36

Gili taught this with some assistance from me, and Shalom checking the rules. They forgot to take guns for buildings at the beginning and a few other minor things.

Phil Eklund’s High Frontier

We didn’t play, we just admired the cool board and concept of this realistic scientific space game. Shalom says it’s a great game.