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More Puerto Rico

Techelet brought her friend Tikvah, who is also in the Beit Shemesh group.

Master Gallery

Yael 82, Aaron 76, Nati 72, Gili 70, Nadine 69

A light filler while waiting. I had played once at Gili’s. It’s engaging, but a lot of luck. I had the fewest cards each of the four rounds because I didn’t get any that give extra cards and the others all did. Nati pointed out that then I end up with more card choices, but he agreed it’s not worth it.

Puerto Rico

Tikvah 53, Techelet 47, Nadine 45

They had both played, but not in a while. They did things we don’t usually do, but I know things tend to work anyway because it’s such a great game. They both had factories so were crafting to get money, even if they had to toss 6 goods. Tikvah got a warehouse and a harbor, and a tobacco boat, and took a tobacco plantation so that Techelet couldn’t get hers going. I was the only with coffee, but after trading once took a ship. I had a harbor and took a wharf instead of the first big building, but they were way ahead of me in money, Techelet had two large buildings, and Tikvah had Customs House. A good game.

Year of the Dragon

Gili 112+, Aaron 112, Yael 98, Nati 89

A tough game, first play for Nati and Yael. At the end, Gili told Aaron that rice would give him an extra point over taking money, he wasn’t clear on the conversion ratio, but she said he can’t win by one point. He did, but then they realized he should have one less, so it was a tie. Gili looked up the tie-breaker – ahead in turn order. She was barely ahead, on top of his piece.


Yael 11, Nadine 9, Nati 5

Nati 18, Yael 8, Nadine -3

Yael was waiting for her parents to pick her up after the theater, I said they may as well wait inside. And may as well play a game, first  play for both of them. In the end her parents decided to go out to eat instead of picking them up, but we got to play R-Eco. They both liked it, Nati said he thought it would be different second time, but said there wasn’t really more strategy. I had good luck in the first game and didn’t dump so got 4 points, next game I had bad luck and Nati good luck, sitting in front of me. Yael calculated to end the first game at the right time when she’d win.


We all win

20141112_194016Master’s Gallery

Lior 131, Nadine 113, Gili 103

Gili brought this, she got it as a free gift with a game she bought at the bgg.con flea market last year. It has similarities to Modern Art and Reef Encouter, good for a light filler. Pretty cards and pictures.


Nadine 7, Lior +2 -3, Gili +3 -5

Gili got this last year at bgg.con. You have a deck like in Dominion, but there are lot more types of actions you can take. First player to get 7 points wins. I was very lucky. I picked mission cards because I ended up on that statue, but it’s good to get them early. There aren’t too many 4 point ones, I picked a 4 point one and a 2 point one, keep as many cards as you want out of three. You lose the point value of unfulfilled mission cards. Then the two item cards I bought, picking two out of three, had the matching items for the missions. 20141112_201527Later I realized that I could reuse items, I had picked up one I needed, so I just needed one more, and to get to the locations, which were handily next to each other. We played a few things wrong though. Lior didn’t realize that flying was a free action, so he lost two actions during the game, and I stored a card I shouldn’t have, the game would have been closer. Lior was close to fulfilling his 3 point mission and another one. We knew but forgot that you could substitute two of the same items for one. The game is fun and interesting, and has an advanced deck we didn’t use. It still seems like luck matters a lot, hard to know yet.


Gili 3,3,3,2,2 Lior 5,3,3,2,2 Nadine 3,2,2,1

I didn’t even get one set. We’re getting better at playing correctly, but we still played wrong and corrected during the game, you have to play a minimum of two cards. We discovered that when you replace the harvest, the original and new ones cause harvesting. Lior caught on well and liked the game, though at the beginning he got a lot of ‘You can’t do that’.