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More Dresses – Yes, Rokoko Again


Jon 75  Nadine 70  David 64

David’s first play, and much closer scores overall than in previous plays, except for Haim and Jon’s tie. I think my cheap dress strategy can work, Jon is just better at planning and optimizing. David made a few minor mistakes due to it being his first game. I think getting a gold card early helps a lot, but can be overcome, though maybe not by me. We took the income spots, Jon made 10 points with the 3 for 1 money card, and he had the 3 fireworks and cost 20 for the 8 points for colored dresses, David took the next one, and he got points for cubes, and had fireworks. I had one counter left at the end, got the 5 hall bonus, and I got the 3 dresses for one point card when it came out but couldn’t use it every round because by then I had too many cards, though I got points for cards at the end, and for pairs of dresses. We all like the game.


David ++  Jon

Jon built a speed deck, and then the luck of the draw didn’t have him pull any of his small creatures. They drafted Eldritch Moon and Shadows over Innistrad.

New Games

Jon has lots of new games due to the free Amazon shipping to Israel, until now shipping games here has been too costly.


David ++ Jon +


Lior 3, Jon 3, David, Nadine

Jon and Lior like the game and are good at it, the opposite for me and David.


Nadine F, Lior, Haim

First play for all, they liked the game and played twice.

Terraforming Mars

Aaron 70 Ecoline, David 62 Hellion, Nadine 54 Saturn, Jon 49 Thorgate

Third play for Jon, second for David, first for me and Aaron. It’s a good game with multiple paths and interesting decisions. We discussed whether the starting corporations make it too unbalanced. Aaron dominated the board due to Ecoline, David’s power also helped him, Jon was short of money, but had kept 10 cards at the beginning. I ignored Awards and Milestones, I got 4 points for second places. I didn’t realize there were rewards on the board until later in the game. I had a Pet card early, my other cards with cube points only had one or none, I kept only two cards at the beginning, as did Aaron.




Jon++, David.

We drafted Kaladesh/Aether Revolt. My deck was once again more synergistic than his. Plus, he played three color and never drew his third color cards in each game.

Terraforming Mars

Jon 72, David 68 or thereabouts. First play for David, second for me. We played basic corps. A long game, but satisfying. 2-player was great. I played 3-player and it is a bit longer and the “take that” mechanics come into play.

 – Yehuda

La Repeat

Mazal tov to Jon on becoming a grandfather today, November 7.


David: Jon trounced me once, and the second time he only beat me.
Jon: We drafted Ixalan block cards. I had a lot of vampires.

La Granja

David 76, Jon 71, Nadine 70

Third week in a row – Jon beat me by one point, I beat him by one last week, David won both times. The scores are higher in a 3-player game. The game is good, all the actions interact and affect each other, but that makes the decisions complicated. Plus I didn’t understand some of the craft building effects, so I played too slowly and took back a few moves. The other did too, but didn’t take as long. I had good cards but didn’t manage to leverage them early enough, Jon and David also had good cards.


Nadine 85, Jon 73, David 63

I was around 15 points behind the first 3 rounds, none of us thought I’d catch up. Jon went first and got a good set of 3 for the middle of his board, the other set of 3 was off to the side so David took something else. Jon took the 1 the whole game so always went first. I was able to get 5 reds, and was planning on one horizontal row. I managed to also get two vertical rows on the last round, so my placements gave me a lot of points, plus I got 26 points in bonuses.


Sukkot Games Day 5780

First time at Jon’s penthouse with view. Rosalynn and crew came in from Ra’anana.


Jon+ Colin

Colin 100  Avi 95

A lot of close rounds. First time for Colin but he plays Subbuteo.

Nechemiah 125 Assaf 40 Azriely 30

Other people played throughout the day.


Rosalyn 31 Avi 26 Nadine 25 Colin 23

First play for Colin and Avi, Rosalyn is experienced. We had a random assortment of cards.


David ++ Jon +, we drafted M20.


Asaf 37 Gili 33 Tzvi 32 Nechamia 27 Azriel 27


David 107 Jon 105 Ben 86 Binyamin 74

First play for all except Jon.


Israel 100 Avi 97 Nadine 95 Rosalynn 80 Colin 60

New to all. Avi got 3 points every turn for spears, Colin, Israel and Rosalyn won round points. I had one row and the boat multiplier, with around 6 boats. Israel had a lot of tikis and all 5 rows, no one else used that strategy.

Lords of Waterdeep

Ben 101 Roi 94 Nechemiah 89 Rosalynn 85


Binyamin 23 Ben 21 Gili 19


Nadine F 30 Nechemiah 28 Rosalynn 27 Anonymous 25 Roi 21

They liked the creativity.


Assaf 49 Michael 40 Danny 30 Azriel 18

Quacks of Quedlinburg

Tzvi 62 Lior 61 Gili 55 Binyamin 48

Noam 62 Netta 60 Rina 59 Gili 48

First play for all but Gili.


Avi 80 Nadine 79 David 77 Jon 77

New to David and Avi. The second game today where Avi beat me by one point.

The Castles of Burgundy

Shay 201 (but he cheated, hacked and was a villain) Eliezer 200 Ido 179 Tzvi 179

Ido and Zvi didn’t actually lose, they just didn’t win.

Taj Mahal

Igor/Ben 49 Gili 44 Rosalynn 39 Nadine F 22 Binyamin/Assaf 25

Mistborn: House War

Nechemiah 23 Azriel 19 Michael 17 Asaf 9 Daniel 1


Jon / David and Eliezer+  Nadine / Zvi

3 bombs against 3 of Davids Tichus, no GTs. Jon and Eliezer went out 1 2 once, when they had 965 and we had 6 something.

Puerto Rico

Shay 31 Danny 29 Yuhai 26 Ido 26


Nadine 106 Zvi 60 Ido 47

First play for both of them, they improved in the next game.

Zvi 96 Nadine 36 Ido 26


And Gola did TP the pyramid of Joeleephus


Jon+, David+


David 10 Colin 9 Nadine 8 Jon 2

First play for Colin. I got 3 points for not dumping. We played regular, probably for the last time because Jon convinced me why random is better.

Amun Re

Jon 45 Nadine 39 David 38 Haim 29 Colin 19

First play for Colin Haim. David was ahead of me after the first kingdom. Jon was first player, and kept it for 3 turns by bidding well. I was lucky that no one competed with me for most pyramids on my side of the river. I didn’t get a bonus power card until the 5th turn, but at least it was one I could use. I had 2 brick pyramid cards last turn so I couldn’t use them, I couldn’t use one the turn before because I didn’t have enough money. I didn’t know that bonus cards shown on provinces count towards the 9 card bonus. Jon didn’t know that winning the bribe makes you first player again. We changed the plus or minus 3 power card to also give you 3 coins, so we all played all the ones we got. Colin almost tied Jon for most pyramids, which would have put him at 24, but Jon didn’t have anything better to do with his bribe action so brought an extra brick. Jon: I assessed well in Amun Re, but I still got lucky that people bid what they bid, which gave me extra items. Also that David let me go last in the last turn.

Anyone who hasn’t read the funniest session report on bgg should read it: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/24697/session-report


Jon/Haim 300, David/Nadine 300

David called but Haim blocked it; David had high cards but it wasn’t clear that he needed to use them so early. David called a 3 with the one, Haim had a 3 bomb. He had a straight to the Ace, so did David and I. -50 50. Jon made a Tichu. I barely made a Tichu, David saved me with the dog, I was stuck with a 2, and he went out second. Jon made another Tichu, with an 11 card straight.