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Go Gili!

Louis the 14th

Gili 50, Jon 39, Colin 38, Nadine 37

First play for Colin, who did well on his own. And beat me. Luck could have made a difference in the scores of the 3 of us, but not Gili’s. I should have bought an extra chip, but I wouldn’t have come near Gili even with a 7 point mission. We played with Gili’s variant, missions are worth 5, 6 and 7 instead of 5 each.

Lo Ra

Gili 25, Jon 24, Nadine 24, Colin 23

Also first play for Colin, who is new but catches on, and plays, well. He scored 31 points at the end, but had too many negative points from earlier rounds and least money.

January 4, 2017

Participants: Gili, Elad, Yael, Oshrat

Gili hosted.

Louis XIV

Gili 54, Elad 50, Yael 50, Oshrat 42

Princes and Kings

20140521_204926 (1)Princes of Florence

Nadine 75, Gili 72, Eszter 59

Gili brought this because she missed playing it, and we set it up while waiting for Eszter. Gili wasn’t sure Eszter had ever played, I thought she had, so I looked it up. Eszter had played for the second time at Gili’s house on Chanukah Games Day two years ago; Gili didn’t remember seeing the picture of her house. Gili got two Jesters for 300 in the first two turns. I never paid more than 200 for anything; I took two Prestige cards early on, selecting ones that would give 7 points rather than 8 because I was more likely to have the items. Eszter didn’t remember how to play so Gili explained, but it takes a while to understand the mechanics and timing. Eszter had a lot of buildings, two builders, as did Gili, and all the landscapes. I played the most works but only got best work once. Gili had leftover money worth 3 points, so we would have tied.

20140521_215727Louis XIV

Gili 51, Nadine 46, Eszter 44

Eszter got 19 points from coats of arms, but only had 5 missions. I had almost as many, but she won most of the types to get more. Gili had 9 missions, I had 7. I was going to play all my cards on the last round, good thing Gili noticed in time. I could put down one last piece from a mission card, to get my fourth chip.

Passover Mystica April 2014

2014-04-16 17.31.17Mazal tov to Mace on his marriage to Revi last week!


Mace, Ken, Nadine, Gili

We played about half a  game before people had to leave; new to Mace and Ken. Gili added a stealing tile which messed her up. It seems to have big effect when one person doesn’t get to build, especially early in the game.

Candle Quest

Moshe+, Oran, Jon

Jon: Oran finished his board and ended with 42, but Moshe had 3 dancing candles and won with 49. (Advanced version).

Carson City

Jon 41, Oran 36, Elijah 34, Meir 27

Shirley 49, Nadine 44, David 42, Ken 25

Jon: I mis-taught the game. I forgot all about how the round and game ending point scoring worked. I simply had everyone toss down their cash to their limit without any chance for scoring, and I had everyone trade only 10 for 1 at the end of the game. Which doesn’t even make sense. Something small was bothering me during the game as we played, but not enough to make me look up the rules.

I took the early lead and managed to keep it. I took the sheriff as fourth player in the first round. In rounds two and three, it was also not picked often. It was only picked first in round four. We developed a lot of the board, and – despite the rules flub – it was quite fun.

2014-04-16 16.24.32Bill left the second game during the explanation to play Lords of Waterdeep. First play for Ken and Shirley. David didn’t remember how to play and was hurt by joining in after the rules explanation.


Binyamin+, Emily, Eitan, Oren, Avi

Shachar and Shlomia also played several games of this.

It’s Alive

Meir+, Eszter, Binyamin, Oran

Lords of Waterdeep

Ofer 105, Moshe 103, Oran 96, Eitan 80

Ofer had the most connections at the end.

2014-04-16 18.46.16Gili 130, Jon 125, Emily 96, Elliot 90, Bill 89

Jon: We played this correctly, though it was the first time I played it correctly. I always thought that every player had only one chance to fulfill a quest at the end of each round, which is very painful and introduces a bad element to the game if someone hits them with a forced quest. The real rules are much better (that is not always the case with rules mistakes, but it is in this case).

I was ahead most of the game and thought I would squeak out a win, but I ended with no items left on my board and Gili ended with a whole bunch. We both had 24 points bonus from the correct quests at the end; I had a lot of synergy from plot quests to fulfill arcana quests. I’m still not quite sure how it all worked out there.

Louis XIV

Elijah 44, Ofer, 43, Oran 38, Nadine 36

New to Ofer.

Love Letter

Avi+, Eitan, Oren, Binyamin and Eszter

Jon: I played two rounds of this and really don’t like the game. 


Jon: David and I drafted as usual, and Elliot came at the end. Since our drafts give us 45 cards each, we gave Elliot 60 random cards to make a deck. I played Green/White/Red, David played Red/White, and Elliot played Green/Red/Blue.

We played three way Magic where we each had a 20 life point stack against each opponent and the game ends when one player has reduced the relevant life point stack of each opponent to 0. In theory, this means you can win even if you have lost both of your life stacks already.

We had a lt of stalling since many of our creatures couldn’t get through, but Elliot had a flyer and David had a big guy who didn’t tap and had first strike (with an enchantment). David won the game. I killed his life point stack, but then he killed mine and used direct damage to finish off Elliot. One amusing thing that happened – or almost happened: Elliot used an enchantment to take possession of David’s big guy, which is what let me finish off David. I was then about to cast a global disenchant that would send the big guy back to David’s side, which would then allow me to finish off Elliot. One round too late.

David and Elliot then played two player and David won again with the red direct damage.


Jon 23, Gili 21, Meir 19

Meir 23, Gili 22, Jon 20

2014-04-16 14.27.02No Thanks

Jon+, Oran, Ethan, Moshe

Oran+, Jon, Ethan, Moshe

Jon: Even the winning scores were up in the 40s in both games.

Notre Dame

Michael 63, Mace 47, Emily 42

Mace used a cubes strategy, which he later transferred to the points area. Michael went into Notre Dame a lot.


Emily 32 +1, Eitan 31-1

Emily only got positive tokens. Eitan dumped one card.

2014-04-16 15.42.06Terra Mystica

Oren 92, Ofer 91, Nadine 87, Gili 72, Ken 67

Oren 92 (Halfling), Avi 88 (Nomads), Binyamin 83 (Dwarves), Eszter 80 (Magician Chaos), Eitan 77 (Darklings)

Gili and I had been looking forward to playing the new game of the year, but were disappointed. Partly due to the build-up, but it’s not that exciting of a game. Minimal player interaction, and pretty straighforward. You do have calculations, and the energy mechanic is different, and the variety of groups makes the game different each time for good replayability. I don’t think it’s as fun or interesting as Tzolk’in and many other games.

Jon: I learned the rules to the game in 30 minutes but opted to play Magic. I then turned around and taught the rules to David’s son Avi in less than 10 minutes before leaving. It doesn’t look bad, but it also doesn’t have any kind of wow factor at first glance, just a lot of rehashed mechanics I’ve seen before.


Jon 35, Gili 34, Meir 28

Jon: Meir started off too concentrated on one side. Also, both Meir and Gili “re-learned” rules specifics as the game went on, which affected their earlier plays a bit. First play is a learning experience.


Ofer, Oran, Nadine

2014-04-16 21.45.27Ofer taught this to Oran. I joined in as our shortened Belfor was wrapping up. We played less than one season; after breaking for dinner Ofer and Oran had to leave to go back to Haifa.

Year of the Dragon

Michael 111, Mace 95, Moshe 75, Ethan 67, Shachar 49

Thanks again to Emily for taking care of the dinner order.

Of note:

Set-up crew – Jon

Longest trip – Ofer and Oran

Worst drive: traffic jam and flat tire – Ken and Oren (Ken’s blog post)

2014-04-16 18.16.04Furthest trip – Elliot and parents from Boston

Best dressed – Shachar

Best gaming parents – Emily and Eitan

Best surprise attendees – David and Avi

Cutest – Uli

Gruesomest winner – Meir

Most French – Elijah

Most helpful – Bill and Shirley

Most popular game designer – Jon

Simcha group – Mace, Michael, Ethan, Moshe, Shachar, Shlomia

JSGC stalwart – Gili

Clean-up crew – Eitan, Emily, Bill, Shirley

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Around the World

David, Gili, Eszter, Nadine, Matan, Mace, and Shachar dropped by to kibbitz. Welcome back Gili, from her vacation in Greece.

Passover Prototype

Mace, David, Gili, Eszter

Good to get feedback, I need to work on things.

20131009_204334 Tzolk’in

Mace 64, Gili 53, Eszter 51

Everyone figured Mace would win, but they did a good job against him. First play for Gili.

Year of the Dragon

David 120, Nadine 103, Matan 82

First play for Matan who wanted to try this. David did a good job with the book action, he was far ahead in turn order the whole game, easier to do with three players. I did well, but couldn’t compete. I went first at the beginning, David overtook me to go first, Matan was last the whole game. We had all the taxes and wars at the beginning, and disease and rice in the second half.

20131009_231636Louis XIV

David 57, Matan 49, Nadine 44

I had bad cards the last round, though I don’t know if that would have made much of a difference. Again first play for Matan, who caught on well. He liked this game, he also liked Year of the Dragon, but Louis XIV is easier to play well your first time. Despite complaining, David had good Mission cards, including the joker 4, though he couldn’t take advantage of it on the last round; he also played well and took the king most rounds, Matan took it once.

We played both games while the others played Tzolk’in.


Close games

Gili, Eszter, Nadine

David was going to come with Avi but wasn’t feeling well.

Walnut Grove

20130814_210110Nadine 26, Eszter 20, Gili 19

Eszter had played once but didn’t remember much, but it’s easy to catch on. You never get to do everything you want. I was able to plan but it’s still hard. I was lucky with tiles, they were all pretty good, and I managed to get 4 closed areas. I took two bonus tiles though I lost coin points because I didn’t have the cubes. If I had realized I’d have closed areas I would have taken that bonus tile, but I got points from the points for bonus tiles one and for huts. Eszter had a bonus tile for huts, she had bought a hut and barn, I just had a barn, Gili had for coins. Eszter took 4 coins at the end instead of a farmer, but only got one point. Gili had 4 workers, one more than we did. She didn’t realize that the board edge didn’t count as closed in, but since that was the last tile she placed we let her move to where it did close in an area. Gili and Eszter sold at the end so I couldn’t, I got my second bonus tile. We enjoyed playing the game.

Louis XIV

20130814_213937Gili 55, Eszter 54, Nadine 53

Gili’s favorite game, though it’s work to play, a lot of thinking. I thought I had bad cards but they weren’t so bad. I couldn’t get a second card on my first turn and lost a chip, same thing happened to Gili later. The game is easier and less competitive with 3. We played with Gili’s card point variant. Gili had 6 points from shields, I had eight, and Eszter had 20. I had mentioned at the beginning that someone once won on shields, which is almost what Eszter did because she had far fewer cards than we did.


“Oh no, I made a mistake”

Gili, Jon, David, Mace, Eitan, Nadine

Dominion Dark Ages

Mace 30+ Jon 30* Nadine 18

Nadine 46 Jon 40 Mace 24

2013-02-06 19.57.22Mace and I played three games of this on Shabbat, Jon hadn’t played this version, but is good at Dominion, as is Mace. They were discussing cards and card effects that I wasn’t following. And running through all sorts of cards. I only bought a few different cards, focusing on money. In the first game I forgot to take a spoils at least once. There was a lot of money available. When I bought the last province, it wasn’t clear whether the remaining blue-backed one was mistakenly in the game, so we scored our decks. Turned out it was in the game, but Jon and I hadn’t kept our hands, and reshuffled. Jon bought the last province, but remembers that his original hand wouldn’t have been enough for a province, probably not even a duchy, so Mace won.*

The next game was much harder, a lot of attack cards. All the urchins were bought, none by me, but I got some later from the pick from the trash card. Jon also had mercenaries, Mace too, so I never had more than 4 cards, often 3. Once or twice when I played an urchin it hurt Mace. They rarely hurt me, once or twice at the beginning. But I had a hard time deciding which cards to keep, with cards that let you pick a card and not having enough actions for the other cards and wanting the money on them, I picked wrong at least once. I had a few discard your deck cards which were good for getting to use golds. I had 5, 6 or 7 a lot, and already had golds, so I started taking duchys because the others were already taking a lot of provinces. So I won because of the duchys, I had 6 and 4 provinces and some estates, Jon had 6 provinces but not enough other cards. None of us thought I was wining, we thought Jon was far ahead even if he complained about how he was doing, though Mace complained more, and was right. I didn’t trash any cards, Jon did a good job with that.

Walnut Grove

David 21 Eitan 20 Gili 16

Gili had played once, when we played wrong. She said it wasn’t so tough the right way.

Louis XIV

David 57 Eitan 49 Gili 43

We heard David complain several times that he had made a mistake that would cause him to lose. He was right that having to discard 3 chips because they weren’t the right ones for his cards is pretty bad. But he won anyway. They all played 8 mission cards.

Puerto Rico

Mace 41 15 0 56 Jon 13 25 11 49 Nadine 21 20 5 46

David and Jon wanted to play Tichu, but that would have left two people in a game, and it was still pretty early. And we thought the two last games might go faster and leave some time. Mace didn’t remember how to play, I haven’t played in a long time and made some mistakes. Jon complained a lot about his lack of shipping points, he had 10 late in the game, which meant Mace and I had a lot. I could have figured out how many Mace had, or even realized he must have a ton, if I had thought about it. I made some mistakes, which Jon of course didn’t point out in time for me to do anything about. I could have bought a second big building if I had built, which was my plan, but I forgot and shipped, leaving only 9 when Jon built, so I got a wharf.  So actually I should have beat Jon, though not necessarily, my points from shipping and wharf probably equaled a big building. Mace spent a long time figuring out moves once he caught on to the strategy. Mace and Jon had harbors, Jon and I had factory, Mace and I had wharf, but he got his earlier. Mace had a coffee monopoly, but was behind in money because of our factories. I miss playing this with people like Jon who understand the game at the level he does. Jon knew Mace was doing well in shipping and ended up being correct that his two big buildings, guild hall and customs house, didn’t stack up against 41 shipping points. We gave Mace a few tips; he did some things we wouldn’t have, but that’s what’s great about PR, most things help you.