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Sukkot Games Day 5777

20161020_165201A lot of attendees with more new faces than usual.

Thank you to everyone who helped set up and clean up, a big help. Thank you especially to David for taking care of the long food order. We ordered from Pollo Loko for the first time. David had them read back the names for each item, but the order came without any names, missing one item, and without silverware or napkins. When David called to complain they said people need to request those. You would think with a large order they might ask if we want?


Yael+, Eszter, Binyamin S, Avi, David E

20161020_145719Bang the Dice Game

Sheriff Yael, Bandits+

Shariff Yael, Deputy Binyamin S, Bandits+


Avi / Nadine, Ben / Jon

20161020_170415We played one hand before switching to Tichu, Avi made the 3NT that we bid.

Empires: Age of Discovery

Gili 104, Shnuer 94, Aaron 70, Arie 50

Castles of Burgundy

Gili 242, Yuval 206, Avi E 180, Yedidya 129

20161020_121905Gili taught this, first play for the others.


Jon: I taught this to David C, Avi Einot, and Yokhay, and they all liked it. In the first game, Avi and I gave clues, in English to David C and Yokhay, which didn’t always go so well since they are Hebrew speakers and we are English speakers. In the second game, Avi gave clues to me in English and Yokhay gave clues to David in Hebrew. Sometimes they switched to English in order to give a clue that is one word in English but two words in Hebrew.

Five Tribes

Eszter  138, Dov 129, Tal 114, Nimrod 107

Gold West

David 115, Eszter 98, Nadine 81

Eszter taught us. Then when we saw Ezra wasn’t playing a game, she taught it again to him. After being interrupted by dinner, Ezra ended up leaving, but we finally played. I didn’t get all the rules right away, even when I did, I didn’t like the resource movement mechanic. Eszter helped us with recommendations, David liked the game.


Gili 104, Binyamin S 90, Eitan 86, Emily 70

20161020_225519It’s Alive


King of Tokyo

Avi+, Nadine, Gili, David, Yedidya

I killed Gili, David and Yedidya, but then Avi killed me to win.

Lo Ra

Nadine 35, Shneur 27, Aaron 20

New to both, they liked the game. Before counting most and least money, Shneur had 32, Nadine 30.


Jon++, David +

David says Jon is on a long winning streak. Jon: David and I drafted cards and I ended up with a relatively tight deck that had some fliers and creature control, but nothing else spectacular. In the first game, I drew as well as I could have, but I had limited land after the initial opening hand and David took me down with bigger creatures.after killing my fliers. In the second game, David was entirely mana screwed, with a hand full of blue cards and no blue lands. In the third game, I was able to eke out another win where both of us had average draws.


Ben didn’t win, I don’t know who else played.

20161020_145800Pax Pamir

Gili, Cliff, Shalom, Refaela

Gilli and Cliff won together.


Jon, David, Avi, Aaron

Jon: David made one strategic and one tactical mistake in the penultimate and ultimate rounds. Avi thought it was too hard to catch up once ou were losing (although with more experience, hopefully no one will be losing by too much). I taught the game again to David, Avi, and Aaron. I hadn’t played it in a while, and we are not sure that we got the action card availability mechanics correct. David took a wide lead in the middle of the game and held it, but he spent one 20161020_170126round too long building up his infrastructure. I used that one round to gain a huge amount of victory points; that was the penultimate round. On the last round, he neglected (forgot) to deprive me of a card I used to keep my lead. While I would have gotten almost as many points anyway, it was a mistake.  





Ben 154, Nadine 133, Assaf 120

20161020_170110First play for Ben, second for Assaf. Ben complained the whole time that he wasn’t getting the game, and about his limited possibilities, though of course he did well. I don’t think he liked the game despite winning. He’s right about the luck elements, such as which flag tiles are available and which ones you need. Assaf did well with marrying daughters into cities, he placed them all in one city which limited his end game bonuses, which lost him 8 or 12 points, and he didn’t invest in many white discs. I concentrated on the book track, not enough to beat Ben’s training of sons – and he also got points from the book track.

Slap Deck

Jon: I taught this to several new people and played several times. Many people liked the game a lot, especially David C (guy from my work who came for the first time), Avi Einot, and Yokhay Liot (the last two guys are new to me and I met them at the end of the evening).

20161020_105552Smiley Faces

Gili, Yuval, David, Avi


Jon 55, Nati 52, David C 52, Yael 47

Jon: first plays for Yael, Nati, and David C, who all liked the game. I invited them to gang up on me, and they did some of the time but not all of the time. They also all played very well, but I managed to get a 2 or 3 point lead by mid game and just managed to keep hold of it until the end.


Eliezer 68, Alan Greenspan 66, Michael 61, Ofer


Avi / Nadine, David / Yedidya+

Avi / Nadine 915, David / Ben 1050+

Avi and I had a pair of kings overtaken by a pair of aces twice, ruining our plans.

20161020_212706Jon / Yechiel 1195, Aaron / Shneur 605

Jon: I played with Assaf’s friend Yechiel from Kokhav Hashachar (first play) against Aaron and Shnuer (first or second play). Yechiel made some beginner mistakes, but played very well for his first time. He even called Tichu twice (made it once). I called it three times and made it twice. In one of the times I made it, Aaron on my right played his second to last card (a 7) and I called Tichu, which shocked him. I played an 8. Luckily for me, my partner played his K so Aaron could not play his last card, which was a K. I overtook my partner’s K with one of my aces, played a long straight, then a full house of Q’s over aces, and then got out with the dog.

In another interesting hand, I pulled in my opening 2 aces, 3 Q’s. 3 tens, a straight 2 to 6, and the phoenix. David and Avi’s advice for passing was to pass one 10 to each other player, but I decided to pass the 2, 3, and 4. I got back 2 4’s and the dragon, making an easy tichu. Aaron also called and made or lost some tichus. At one point, one hand took us from 795, and them at 105, to us 695 and them 405, and then us 695 them 605. But those two hands were their only streak. In the next hand it was 995 to 605, and then 1195 to 605.

20161020_170110Year of the Dragon

Nadine 105, Ben 96, Shneur 81, Assaf 79, Ezra 76

New to everyone except me, Ben had played once. This is a very hard game to get on the first play but they all did well, especially Ben. Assaf jumped ahead of me in turn order before the game and took a dragon, I took one on the next round. Ezra started with Books but couldn’t maintain it, no one else focused on it either. Ben had a lot of people, but was slower with round points. I did single building for a while until I finally took a builder. I took a Monk at the beginning for turn order, and was unexpectedly able to keep him til the end of the game. I got one double one, Ben had two double ones.


Bang the Dice Game

November 4, 2015

Gili hosted, with regulars and some friends.


Alan+, Gili

King of Tokyo

Gili+, Alan, Aharon, Schneur, Asif

Lords of Waterdeep

Tal+, Alan, Gili, Aharon, Schneur


July 8, 2015

Participants: Jon, Assaf, Aaron, Aryeh, Binyamin, Nisan, Natan, Gili


Aaron 21, Assaf 20, Jon 19, Aryeh, Gili

First play for Aaron and Aryeh. We played with the rules: 1) Every invention causes all other players to lose 2 coins, and 2) You gain +5 points if you have 5 or more cards in your hand.

The first rule was bad enough with 3 or 4 players, but harsh with 5. It made money hard to accumulate, and therefore increased the value of minions. Aaron placed three of his minions on Work and was raking in good money. I had 3 on Invent but wasn’t making as much.

Assaf and Aaron both hit exactly 20 points: 15 and cards, but Aaron had 6 cards, one of which cost nothing to play; Assaf only had 5 cards. I was one round away from hitting 22.

Castles of Burgundy

Jon 240ish, Gili 210ish, Aaron 190ish, Natan 160ish

First play for Natan, second for Aaron. Everyone was convinced that Gili was going to take this; she got ahead by phase 2 with some super animals and also had tons of +4/building type bonus tiles. I narrowed the gap with two six-tile regions, and I also had both bonus tiles for selling goods. They were worth 11 and 18 points each. I leaped ahead with three 7-point “first to complete a color” tiles, one more bonus building for these tiles (6 points), and 8 points in coins. I didn’t add a single animal.


Assaf 17, Aryeh 15, Binyamin 12, Nisan 2

First game for all but Binyamin, I don’t know the game. I also don’t know what happened. They played this while we played Castles of Burgundy.

King of Tokyo

Aryeh 12 points + 2 health, Assaf dead, Nisan 20 points + 7 health, Binyamin 15 points + 4 health

I also don’t know how this game went. They played this while we played Castles of Burgundy.

For Sale

Jon 105, Binyamin 74, Assaf 65ish

First play for Binyamin. A light game to end the night.

Slow Times

While I was away, Gili hosted a few times. They played Tzolk’in more than once, Stone Age, Settlers, and King of Tokyo. Gili’s version of Tzolk’in came with painted gears.

20141124_102814We didn’t meet last week, partly because Gili was sick. She’s still sick, but trouped over anyway even though we knew there would only be the two of us, we haven’t seen each other in three months.

Lagoon: Land of Druids

This is one of the games I won at bgg.con, I hadn’t played it yet. We set it up and started playing, but after two rounds Gili wanted to stop. It probably gets more interesting as it progresses, and with more players. At the beginning there aren’t that many options, you do the available actions, pick a tile, and take a tile if you can. It’s an extremely attractive game though, with strong pieces and nice art, plus my fancy replacement chips. The game came out a week before bgg.con, but the tiles and rulebook already have a lot of information ready for expansions. Which I guess will also make the game more interesting and complex.


Nadine 349, Gili 344

Gili didn’t want to play anything new or long, and I don’t have many two-player games. I know more English words, but Gili’s really good at playing the board and finding good spots. I made a bingo for 64 points, using a blank; right after, Gili played Quite over my letters, for 70 points. We played a very friendly game, with no time limits. I played faster, which was harder for Gili because then it felt like it was always her turn. At the end, she played near a TW and told me not to take the spot. I had almost all vowels so it wouldn’t have given me any points, but in a more competitive game I might have blocked. I looked up words for her on my phone, so I knew she was going to play Joe there. Scrabble’s usually interesting, it was a good game. Gili had the Q, J and X, I had the Z and K.

bgg.con 2014 I ask the right question

20141124_102926Someone told me they saw a demo of Lagoon, so I wanted to go to the vendor booth which took a while to track down, there is another game called Lagoon. The guy was by himself in the booth, so he couldn’t play a game, but could explain how it worked. I told him I had won it. A few other people also came to watch. It sounds good, even though it’s hex placement. Nice art, and they were selling special cool wooden tokens in pretty colors that I like to replace the cardboard ones. 20141124_102814The game only came out last week. Someone asked about the tokens, he said they’re $18, but $15 when you buy the game. I jokingly asked if they’re free if I got the game for free, and he said “sure” and gave me a set. So now I have to like the game. I also stopped by the AEG booth; they had said I could come back Sunday and get another giant bag if they had any left, they did.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig

I went over to the other vendor area and got into a demo game of the main other popular game that I hadn’t played, Castles of Mad King Ludwig. It looks like a good game, another guy playing and the demoer said it’s better than Suburbia and fixes some of the issues with it, and the pieces are pretty. There are a lot of interrelated tough choices, including when it’s your turn to set all the prices. Jon would like it, and probably Ellis. I haven’t played Suburbia yet.

King of Tokyo

20141124_111002People were walking around with suitcases, trying to time games and times to leave. I had heard of King of Tokyo. Somewhat light, but definitely fun and interactive. When I was at 19 out of 20 points needed to win, the guy to my right was close, and the guy after me also. They wanted to kill me but the player before me didn’t roll high enough, and it didn’t matter much to him since the player after me would win if I didn’t. On my turn I needed to roll 3 of the same number to win, but I didn’t, so the next guy won. He had a powerful card combo for lots of points. My points were from several good rolls, not a good strategy but can work in a short game. 20+, 19 (me), 18, 8

Consensus Movie Edition

20141124_121543We had 7 players, it goes to 8; a good party game. You move ahead by secretly picking the same movie from those on the board as the other do, in answer to a question such as which movie leaves you with the best lesson at the end. I had seen or at least heard of most of the movies, and we could explain quickly as needed. A similar mechanic as Apples to Apples, which I’m not good at. I quickly claimed last place, though I did catch up a bit, and wasn’t even last. And sometimes my votes were the best answer even if the others didn’t vote that way, confirmed by the other losing player when we voted the same. One of the movies that came up was Grease, I didn’t see the end but am assuming it.

Hamster Rolle

20141124_124146Then I ran into my game designer friends from last year, I had seen them in the opening line, but not since then. They had Hamster Rolle and said we needed to play on a table in the dexterity area, and people came to watch. It’s a cool balancing game with wooden pieces. I played my pieces straight, one per ledge, saving the lighter and easiest pieces. They were trying all sorts of fancy placement moves, several per ledge, on top of each other, etc. So I used all my pieces without knocking off any and won. They kept playing for second, still trying fancy moves. But also knocking more pieces off as the wheel got fuller.

So that was it. The atmosphere Saturday night and Sunday felt very friendly and relaxed, I don’t know if that was the con or me or both. I guess the number of people you know and recognize keeps increasing. I didn’t see Chris, I usually run into him, I don’t know if he was there. In general, popular games seemed on the shorter side, under two hours, which makes sense.

In the van to the airport people were discussing games, they liked Roll Through the Galaxy which they said keeps the gameplay of the Race card game without the confusing symbols. I probably saw people with it but thought it was Roll Through the Ages. They also said that the issue with the app photographing cards was due to the sleeved version in Hot Games, that unsleeved it’s easy, which makes sense because there’s no glare then.

20141124_020611Right: A train game with a real train that’s not a real train game – no routes. They said it uses a programming mechanic like Robo Rally to steal items as train robbers.

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