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August 26, 2015

Participants: Gili, David, Avi, Jon, Nadine, Nisan, Assaf

Gili kindly hosted while my place is undergoing renovations.

Amun Re

David 43, Nadine 35, Avi 31, Assaf 27

First play for Avi, I think. Nadine was up a smidge after the first half. David had 3 temples at the end and most pyramids both times. The bribe never went over level 2.


Jon, Gili, Nisan

First play for Nisan, second for me. I was spectacularly lucky the first time I played. While I thought the game rather straightforward (we played with a very basic goal), I was also unsure how badly the dice determined the game. So I wanted to try it again.

We played with a far more difficult set of three goals, which required you to have high values in each of the three colors, in sequence. In theory, once you met the first goal, you could dispense with that color for the rest of the game. But you still need two of the three colors to survive most encounters.

I started the game buying two crew and then losing both of them. After that, I maxed out with a ridiculously capable and essentially unbeatable crew. I was shy in blue, which I needed for the second goal, but the negative effect of missing a blue roll is that you get a warrant, which is basically irrelevant if you avoid the cops (or don’t have illegal goods and have tons of cash; I did both).

Meanwhile, Nisan played fairly reasonably, but rolled very poorly (many 1s). After a particularly annoying one (in which he needed a 2 to survive) he gave up. I was poised to collect all three goals in fairly rapid succession anyway, so that was ok. At this point, I also pretty much had given up on the game as not very interesting.


Jon/David, Nadine/Avi

We played four hands, and I had 10 points in one hand and far less in the others.

Goblins Rule, Fairies Drool

Gili, Assaf, Nisan

They played this once before I got there and once while we played bridge.

I may have got some of this wrong, since I wrote it nearly a week late (renovations will do that to you).