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October 21, 2015

Participants: Jon, David K, Binyamin G, Nadine, Alan, Gili, Aaron, Nisan, Eszter

A nice core group. Good to see To view the archives of the Daf Shevui, use the directory to the left, which is updated daily. after an absence.

Magic: The Gathering

David ++, Jon +

We drafted early, and I ended up with a hodge-podge of crappy cards in five colors. I tried URB for the first game, but I needed doubles in each color to cast anything, and the most I could do was Capsize once or twice and cast nothing else. I switched to UGR, where G gave me some land drawing and U gave me some card drawing. With several lucky rounds (I left myself totally vulnerable but David had nothing to kill me with) I squeaked in a victory. A second game with the same deck was back to normal; David overwhelmed my minimal forces.


David 25*, Alan 22, Binyamin G 21, Nadine 13

First play for all, Binyamin G taught them after having read the rules. They all liked the game. They all made mistakes due to it being everyone’s first play, but Nadine made the most, calculating moves wrong and investing in the wrong buildings, along with some bad luck. She went last in turn order for victory points instead of better moves such as taking extra workers who could have been used for victory points. They also discovered rules as they went along which would have changed people’s play. Such as the hand limit which I had asked about twice before starting. David invested in getting to the maximum workers quickly which paid off well. The cards, decisions and theme all work well; it took a while to get used to how the seasons work. A flaw in the game [says the players] was apparently fixed by adding one Grande worker who can take any action even if it’s taken. *The points are limited to 25, David had over 28. This is a poor mechanic because the tiebreaker is money – David could have lost if someone else reached 25.

El Capitain

Nisan 169, Jon 152, Aaron 129, Eszter 72, Gili 72

First play for all but me, who only vaguely remembered playing it a few years back. The game was quite different than what I remembered, anyway. It is a dry game without special abilities (card, roles, power buildings, etc), and it uses complex calculations in place of tactics, really. There is strategy, however, since you have to decide whether to go for all the cities or most in a few, and how to balance your buying vs having to take loans.

I kind of liked it, and so did Aaron. Gili didn’t seem to enjoy herself, although that may have been because she didn’t so well and because she prefers less dry games. Nisan struggled with sticking to early decisions about how much money to borrow at the bank, and he set his sights on taking me down, but he did fine. In the end, Eszter’s last play killed me more than anything Nisan did: she added another warehouse to a city, making it the largest, and thus reducing the tower scoring in the three previously largest cities, in all of which I had towers. It cost me 12 points vs Nisan, which actually wasn’t enough for me to win. I could have won if I concentrated my attacks on Nisan, but it was hard to figure out whether Nisan or Aaron was more of a threat near the end, and, while it was essentially calculable, it would not have been fun to bother doing so.