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Sukkot Games Day and JSGC 10th Anniversary

2013-09-22 14.13.42Participants

Beit Shemesh – Eliezer, Meir

Haifa – Ofer, Matan

Ra’anana – Jon, Ken, Oren, Laurie

Rehovot – Dylan, Genia

Talpiot, Baka and Maale Adumim – Mace, Nadine, Emily, Eitan, David, Avi, Eszter, Binyamin S, Cliff, Mishi, Netanel

2013-09-22 19.49.30Special mention

Most wins – Ofer

Emily for another complicated dinner order

Original JSGC members – Jon, David, Nadine

The Tzolk’in diehards – Ofer, Eszter and Eitan who played 3 straight games til midnight, after Ofer had already played earlier, the game was new to all of them today. We had two games going at once, thanks to Mace and Ken

We missed Gili who is in Greece, and Bill and Shirley who are on their way to Israel!

2013-09-22 20.25.53Fathers and sons

Mace with Shachar, who popped in to try to indoctrinate everyone

David and Avi – Most winning pair

Ken and Oren – Played games together

Michael and Elijah – Didn’t play games with each other

Eitan and Uli – Didn’t play games with each other either

2013-09-22 14.34.41Agricola

Dylan 38, Michael 27, Genia 24, Mishi 15

First play for all, Jon taught them. Jon:Probably the fastest and yet most thorough explanation of Agricola ever. They only came up to ask one question.

2013-09-22 16.55.21Battlestar Gallactica

Humans+ Emily, Matan, Cliff  Cylon- Avi

Avi didn’t want to be a Cylon but did fine, he found the game interesting. Matan had wanted to play, Cliff taught with the help of the rulebook.

2013-09-22 11.57.43Discworld

Mace+, Netanel, Mishi, Elijah

2013-09-22 15.36.27Dominion Dark Ages

Meir 36, Eliezer 33

Mace+, Dylan, Genia


Jon, David, Mace, Avi, Meir Score:13

New to all except Jon. Jon: Everyone had a good time, and we still can’t figure out what is and is not legal to say during the game, but we all had a ball trying to figure it out.

Hansa Teutonica

David 65, Nadine 58, Eliezer 53, Avi 48

Eliezer’s game, he taught the rest of us. Scores were almost in turn order except Eliezer went last. Going first or second may be a bigger advantage than the compensatory turn order cubes. We played this at the end of the day, I didn’t even try to understand the routes, connections and building control. I focused on tracks, pretty clear cut, and then obvious victory points. Then I started doing routes, which worked, I guess because there are so many routes, and my good track positions helped.


Jon++ David+*

While playing Tzolk’in. With Mace. *Jon: David won the first game, and I won the second. In the third game, I took back something near the end of the game that allowed me to squeak out a win. However, I pointed out to David that I took it back really after I should not have been allowed to (after drawing a card), and so he should be considered the winner. David played Black White (unusual for him, since he doesn’t usually play white) and I played Green White.

2013-09-22 12.44.07Merchants and Marauders

Meir 10, Cliff 4, Laurie 4

Cliff taught this. Meir attacked everyone’s ships or something.


Meir+, Jon, David, Avi, Nadine

First play for everyone except me and Jon, we first played at bgg.con; Jon got the game recently. Jon: Meir won this when he built while everyone else was still collecting money. A few of us claimed that we would have been able to pass 20 on the next round (David indicated that he would have hit 23). Everyone seemed to like this.

Meir, Eliezer

2013-09-22 14.35.42Puerto Rico

Ofer 26, 11, 15, 52; Nadine 19, 22, 5, 46; Avi 13, 26, 6, 45; Oren 13, 27, 40; Ken 11, 27, 38 (Bld, VP, Bonus)

Ofer, Avi and Oren had less experience playing. Ofer had a coffee monopoly most of the game, with a large market, and he got 3 big buildings. Oren tried to specialize in indigo, but counterintuitively that doesn’t work. I had factory and wharf, Avi also had a wharf, he was handed an early sugar trade. Ken and I did give some advice during the game. I haven’t played 5-player in a long time, even longer than I haven’t played PR in person. It’s fun with any number.

Eliezer 64, Meir 48

2013-09-22 17.54.19R-Eco

First play for most, taught by Laurie, then Ofer.

Oren 15, Ofer 13, Laurie 7, Ken -2

Genia 9, Ofer 8, Dylan 8, Eitan 5, Eszter 4


David/Nadine+, Jon/Mace
Played partly during Tzolk’in

Avi/David 1205  Nadine/Eliezer 292

Avi/David+, Nadine
We played a quick game at the end, with 3, I played both my hands. I called Tichu, missing by one.

2013-09-22 20.23.26Troyes

Mace 54, Emily 43, Binyamin Shtern 35

First play for Binyamin, second for Emily. Mace had the money card, and a lot of meeples on cards, including the trade 1 Influence for 6 money.

2013-09-22 14.13.36Tzolk’in – The Mayan Calendar

Mace 75, Jon 57, David 51, Elijah 43

First play for David and Elijah, second for Jon. Jon: I actually had 67, and I was tied with Mace until we calculated the second to last god track (we were tied on the last track). He had 6 points and I had -2. Mace concentrated on skulls, and his good performance was a result of also progressing in the corresponding bonus track. I concentrated on building and monuments, helped by starting position of getting double resources. Food is far less of an issue in this game than it initially appeared (unlike, say, Agricola or Stone Age).

Ofer 56, Oren 53, Laurie 41, Ken 24

Ofer 60, Eszter and Eitan 50
Eszter won the tie with one worker left on the gears.

Ofer 61, Eitan 55, Eszter 32

Ofer 61, Eitan 55, Eszter 45

2013-09-22 22.31.26

2013-09-22 16.25.022013-09-22 18.56.352013-09-22 12.07.262013-09-22 11.39.16

Shabbat Gaming


Nadine+, Shachar

We’re both still learning, and had a lot of questions for Mace. Shachar killed my regenerate the one time I didn’t have mana to save it. But he didn’t have any creatures showing up, or one of the cards that Mace usually uses to good effect to look through part of his deck.

Walnut Grove

Emily+, Nadine, Eitan, Mace

Emily won by about 10 points, the rest of us were close until Mace remembered his -6 for neighborly helps which moved him from second to last. First play for Emily. She had good synergy – 6 fenced areas and two fence bonus cards. Mace couldn’t get the yellow tiles he needed til late in the game.

Dominion Dark Ages

Eitan+, Nadine, Mace, Emily

We didn’t even notice that Eitan was getting a lot of provinces. We had an upgrade card, he used it well.

Nadine+, Mace, Emily, Eitan

I was ahead of everyone by 15 points, I used a money strategy, which worked despite forced trashing of a gold or two. I also got a few spoils, and got one attack card that I don’t like early, everyone else got them too, but we only had one each so it wasn’t so bad.

Mace+, Emily, Eitan

Mace won without using attack cards.

Return of the gamers

David, Elijah, Nadine, Gili, Eszter, Mace

2013-05-22 18.26.39 R-Eco

Elijah 16, David 11, Nadine 4

First play for Elijah. He caught on quickly, and took chips almost every turn. He dumped a lot, but made up for it easily. David managed to get the chip colors he needed, I didn’t.



Mace 39, Eszter 36, Gili 25

A rousing game with surprises at the end – neither Gili nor Eszter fullfilled their secret cards, which misled Mace. They didn’t fight enough of the bad cards, Eszter fought one, that was her secret card.  I think they pretty much played by the rules, even Mace.

2013-05-22 19.49.13Agricola

David 44, Nadine 35, Elijah 31

David was ahead the whole game because he played powerful Occupations. Elijah also had good ones, but didn’t get to play them as soon. We hadn’t played in a while, Elijah hasn’t played, so there were a few miscalculations, and David took back some of his moves. I played a 4-player Occupation because I hadn’t re-checked after we replaced our original wrong cards, we picked 7 from 10 in both categories. I had pastures, animals and barns, Elijah plowed and had a vegetable bonus, David also, and David got to 5 family members quickly, and also had a card that let him plow 3 fields instead of one. He didn’t have any animals at the end.


Nadine+, David

I’m getting better at paying attention and using cards, and sometimes things work. David’s good at explaining, I still can’t figure out quickly what will happen in an attack, or is likely. He explained and used Jon’s house rule of replacing one land or card once in the first five turns, a good idea. David was using a set-up blue deck which he modified slightly, but he prefers other colors. Next time. He conceded at 11 to 11 because I could kill him on my turn, which I may or may not have figured out. He had too much land, he needed one of Mace’s rearrange the top 5 cards of your deck cards. I’m still playing with the same deck and against the same deck.

Shabbat games

We played at Mace’s. Mace, Gili and I played King and Intrigant, first play for Mace. Gili played well with good card synergy. Mace did a good job of getting Gili to attack me, I was ahead. Mace won by a few points, I would have tied him if I hadn’t forgotten to play my move a caballero before scoring earlier. We gave up when Mace was ahead in Dominion Dark Ages due to buying a lot of attack cards. Eszter brought Hey, That’s My Fish! which I’ve heard about a lot and wanted to try, it’s a very nice filler, though spatial. Mace figured out first how to cordon off an exclusive area to get the most fish.


Year of the Snake

Gili, Mace, Eszter, Nadine

It’s Chinese New Year, year of the snake, though we didn’t think about Chinese New Year when we selected which game to play. Bill and Shirley organized a big celebration at their church in Kansas City. Nesiyah Tova to Mace who has to return to his business in Australia sooner than expected, he’ll be back for Pesach.

Mr. Jack Pocket

Gili+, Nadine

2013-02-13 18.50.22Gili came early and brought this. It feels easier than regular Mr. Jack, though you still have to think a lot. Gili was Mr. Jack, and even after we finished I guessed wrong out of the two left. It’s a nice game and very compact for portability.

Year of the Dragon

Nadine 112, Gili 95, Eszter 93, Mace 92

Mace has played once and didn’t remember the rules. I usually hang back, but Eszter went last a lot this time. That may be related to buying dragons, we were the only ones who did. Gili passed up on getting a dragon first turn because taxes were coming up. It was a tough event order: rice, taxes, rice, plague, taxes, fireworks, war, plague, fireworks, war. She built a lot; everyone managed to build well and not lose many people to lack of space, though Eszter lost a few. Eszter had a lot of money, and got a second dragon, single, at the end, and used her courtesan early, so she had 7 to 10 points per round. I got up to 9. Gili had the most people, 11, I had 9, and two double monks, she had a single and double. 2013-02-13 20.33.17Mace tried the book strategy but also conserved people with building and medicine, and Gili was ahead in turn order often and blocked Mace from taking points. I took no action a few times to get money. Gili says she doesn’t understand how I win. I usually don’t either, but this time I was doing well and it felt like I was, even though I did end up going last a lot at the end. The game has a good tradeoff with the turn order and more efficient people. I won by less than the dragon points. Gili got 5 points at the end for money, rice and fireworks, I lost two people to wars and Mace and Gili got fireworks points.

Dominion Dark Ages

Nadine 27, Eszter 24, Mace 24, Gili 12

I didn’t buy many action cards, mostly pillage which gets trashed, but I got at least 6 spoils early in the game from them, some I never used. The others also got pillage, it’s annoying, making everyone discard their best card if they have 5 cards. I bought golds, even once early when I could have gotten a province. Eszter had the same issue, she got provinces early so it seemed like she had a lot, and she also bought duchys. Mace was buying provinces relatively early too, but I got the extra duchy. Gili doesn’t like the game and had a hard time making her cards work. Mace used counterfeit to get rid of most of his coppers.


“Oh no, I made a mistake”

Gili, Jon, David, Mace, Eitan, Nadine

Dominion Dark Ages

Mace 30+ Jon 30* Nadine 18

Nadine 46 Jon 40 Mace 24

2013-02-06 19.57.22Mace and I played three games of this on Shabbat, Jon hadn’t played this version, but is good at Dominion, as is Mace. They were discussing cards and card effects that I wasn’t following. And running through all sorts of cards. I only bought a few different cards, focusing on money. In the first game I forgot to take a spoils at least once. There was a lot of money available. When I bought the last province, it wasn’t clear whether the remaining blue-backed one was mistakenly in the game, so we scored our decks. Turned out it was in the game, but Jon and I hadn’t kept our hands, and reshuffled. Jon bought the last province, but remembers that his original hand wouldn’t have been enough for a province, probably not even a duchy, so Mace won.*

The next game was much harder, a lot of attack cards. All the urchins were bought, none by me, but I got some later from the pick from the trash card. Jon also had mercenaries, Mace too, so I never had more than 4 cards, often 3. Once or twice when I played an urchin it hurt Mace. They rarely hurt me, once or twice at the beginning. But I had a hard time deciding which cards to keep, with cards that let you pick a card and not having enough actions for the other cards and wanting the money on them, I picked wrong at least once. I had a few discard your deck cards which were good for getting to use golds. I had 5, 6 or 7 a lot, and already had golds, so I started taking duchys because the others were already taking a lot of provinces. So I won because of the duchys, I had 6 and 4 provinces and some estates, Jon had 6 provinces but not enough other cards. None of us thought I was wining, we thought Jon was far ahead even if he complained about how he was doing, though Mace complained more, and was right. I didn’t trash any cards, Jon did a good job with that.

Walnut Grove

David 21 Eitan 20 Gili 16

Gili had played once, when we played wrong. She said it wasn’t so tough the right way.

Louis XIV

David 57 Eitan 49 Gili 43

We heard David complain several times that he had made a mistake that would cause him to lose. He was right that having to discard 3 chips because they weren’t the right ones for his cards is pretty bad. But he won anyway. They all played 8 mission cards.

Puerto Rico

Mace 41 15 0 56 Jon 13 25 11 49 Nadine 21 20 5 46

David and Jon wanted to play Tichu, but that would have left two people in a game, and it was still pretty early. And we thought the two last games might go faster and leave some time. Mace didn’t remember how to play, I haven’t played in a long time and made some mistakes. Jon complained a lot about his lack of shipping points, he had 10 late in the game, which meant Mace and I had a lot. I could have figured out how many Mace had, or even realized he must have a ton, if I had thought about it. I made some mistakes, which Jon of course didn’t point out in time for me to do anything about. I could have bought a second big building if I had built, which was my plan, but I forgot and shipped, leaving only 9 when Jon built, so I got a wharf.  So actually I should have beat Jon, though not necessarily, my points from shipping and wharf probably equaled a big building. Mace spent a long time figuring out moves once he caught on to the strategy. Mace and Jon had harbors, Jon and I had factory, Mace and I had wharf, but he got his earlier. Mace had a coffee monopoly, but was behind in money because of our factories. I miss playing this with people like Jon who understand the game at the level he does. Jon knew Mace was doing well in shipping and ended up being correct that his two big buildings, guild hall and customs house, didn’t stack up against 41 shipping points. We gave Mace a few tips; he did some things we wouldn’t have, but that’s what’s great about PR, most things help you.