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This really was Lorenzo’s last time for now, he brought us popular packs of M’n’Ms.

Glen More

Lorenzo 62 Nadine 61 Jon 53 Haim 35

First play for Lorenzo. I kind of catch on to things towards the middle of the game. I had a castle multiplier for chieftans. On the last turn, I didn’t take the castle that activates all your tiles because it would cost me 3 cubes that I wanted to exchange for points. I didn’t take into consideration that they would have all been replaced with that castle, so I probably should have taken it.


Lorenzo 83 Haim 62 Nadine 56 Jon died in the deep

Thank Clank


Jon 88, Shay 117, Denis 101, Gili 91

Shay: I had a lucky day,and I am also good at evaluating cards in this type of game. Gili had a lot of tomes
Jon: I died one turn before my escape, about 3 turns before the game ended. I had the 10 and 30 amulets, but even with the extra 20 points I would not have won. I didn’t do badly, everyone else did better.


Jon+, Gili

No Thanks

Denis 26, Gili, Jon
Shay+, Jon, Denis
Denis+, Shay, Jon



Pesach vacation

Jon, David and Avi, Gili, Sara, Nadine S and her son Noam


Avi 93, Jon 74, Nadine S X, Noam X

Second play for Nadine S, first for Noam and Avi. Good thing I managed to kill Nadine S because she was amassing a lot of points. Noam was also doing fine, but he foolishly decided to go for the 30 point artifact after getting the key and died just before he got out of the deep. I got out first, and Avi unluckily was a few steps away from leaving, but he already had gotten many secret tomes which was more than enough, as you see.

Kingsburg II

David 53, Sara 42, Gili 37

Gili’s new game.

San Juan

Gili 17 Sara 20 David 34, Sara 20, Gili 17

Sara hasn’t played much, if at all.


Jon + Nadine S 100+, Noam and Avi 0

Schotten Totten

Avi and Jon 1 game each. First play for Avi.


Avi+, David, Gili, Sara, Jon

Avi won very quickly because Sara didn’t understand my rules explanation.

All reporting by Jon.

Haim’s Night


David and Jon; Shay and Haim, tied

They played beforehand, and Jon and David also played after their other games.


Shay 71 David 69 Jon 61 Israel 53.

First play for Shay and Israel, who got out first, too early.


Israel 84 Jon 63 David 54 Shay 45

Israel made up for his loss in Clank!, that’s a lot of points for Azul.

Carson City

Haim 43 Nadine 39 Lorenzo 36 Eliezer 33 Sara 20

Too much luck, and hard with 5 players. Sara lost all her battles so she couldn’t get buildings, and Lorenzo thought he was fighting her for a Mine, but it was a Ranch which he didn’t need.

Seven Wonders

Haim 54  Lorenzo 52 Sara 49  Nadine 41

The middle age on my board gave me resources that I didn’t need, instead of points, which makes a difference. I also had too many resources, which gave me money, but no extra points for money. Haim got 18 points for war, Lorenzo 17.

Close games with exclamation points


Jon 97, Aaron 96, Nadine 86

Aaron had only played once and wanted to play again. Aaron seemed to be doing the best, but Jon ended up ahead of him. I did better than usual, I got more feet to compensate for last time, but needed more buying power. No one came close to dying and we all made it out easily.

Sushi Go Party!

Aaron 49, Nadine 48, Jon 38

We had chopsticks and spoons. I got to 10 in desserts first for 8 points.


Haim Nadine 1070, Jon Aaron 930

A rematch from last time, but this time close the whole way. I ended up calling GT 4 times, and Tichu 3 times, Haim called Tichu once but didn’t make it. I made my Tichus, and missed one Grande. I should have made it but I guess there was no way to know. Aaron and Jon had pretty full hands. I had a 6 card straight to the Queen and the Dragon left. I played the straight first. Aaron went over it, and Jon almost went over him because he knew he could go out. They both had long straights, Aaron was able to go out without playing a single card. They didn’t have a bomb so I would  have made it if I’d played the Dragon first. On another GT I used an Ace bomb with 3 cards left, and Aaron overbombed with a straight. But he played a single card so I made it, I had the Dog, a King and the Dragon. On my last GT Haim passed Aaron the One and he called Ace and played a 10 card straight, then played a pair. Jon had to take it with his two Aces, and Jon ended up playing his third Ace, so it’s possible he could have blocked me if Aaron hadn’t called with the One. I played a 5 card straight with the Dragon left, Haim wanted to play over me but we didn’t let him, though he was right, he would have played the Dog or a single card back. Jon had 5 cards so if he could have gone over Haim he could have also gone over me, but he couldn’t.

Jon and Aaron called Tichu 5 times, Aaron missed two of his. We almost blocked another one, but he had two bombs in his hand. On another hand he called with a King bomb but didn’t make it, if he hadn’t called Tichu Jon would have called, but probably also not made it. I overcalled Tichu with a high straight bomb, 2 Kings and a low straight.

Aaron plays Clank


Jon and David each won a game.


Israel 42500, Gili 20700, Haim 19800


Israel 15, Gili 13, Haim 7


Aaron 44, David 42, Jon 0

Aaron: I played clank for the 1st time. Love it. Jon had 2 teleportation card really early and got really deep. But I forced as many Dragon as possible and he died before he got out.

David: Jon died one turn before getting out of the deep dungeon. None of us “got out” totally. So Jon was actually very close to winning (he had the most points, 50+, even though he died early).

Notre Dame

David 55+3, Aaron 55+0, Jon 54


Jon: Israel called and made Grand Tichu on his second hand with my help. He also called another Tichu, Haim overcalled it, Aaron said he wanted to call it, and then David went out first.

I wasn’t there because of a cold.
– Nadine

5-Player Tichu


David++, Jon

Traders of Osaka

David and Haim had 4 chips, Jon and I 3, when we stopped.


Haim 105, Jon 92, Nadine 0

Well, I had 102 points, but was one step away from getting out of the deep when the game ended. Jon said of course I had more points, because I stayed below, but I wasn’t getting points from being there, my points were mainly from cards. Which clogged up my deck and made it hard to get feet and swords, especially together. At the end I drew all my swords at once, and then all my feet when I had to stop after one at a cave. I had a problem with movement the whole time, I didn’t realize I need a Teleport, and I don’t know if one would have been available since Jon and Haim went after them. I had gold, points, and swords, and even feet, albeit not enough. Last time I got out too early and couldn’t play and get points, so this time I did the opposite. You do have to balance well to counter the luck, with luck I could have gotten out. Haim had a very good start, which let him get good cards right away, and Jon wasn’t able to catch up. Jon escapted for 20 points, Haim died without escaping, but was in the top part so kept the points he had; I died for getting caught in the deep.

Notre Dame

David 55, Aaron 45, Nadine F 35

First play for Aaron and Nadine F. David played too well, he had all his cubes on the board, and lots of money. Which meant that he couldn’t go to Notre Dame even if he planned for it because he had no way to get a cube. Aaron ended with like minus 3 rats, it’s the first time I’ve seen anyone benefit from the spaces above rats card. Nadine F put two cubes in Notre Dame twice, which doesn’t give her more points, and uses up cubes.


Jon / Haim +, Nadine, David, Aaron

Before Jon and Haim won on the last round, the score was 975 to 125. David, Aaron and I had a negative score most of the game. I decided that I was too tired to play well, and would share a spot with Aaron, our partner was David. After a few rounds Aaron decided that he wanted to learn from David by having David help with his passing, so I partnered them. David sat out a few rounds to take a phone call, so it was handy to be 5. Aaron and I made a few mistakes, but mostly Jon and Haim had good cards, and took advantage of them. Jon stopped one of David’s Tichus with a bomb, and then one of Aaron’s at the end.