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Four games played in the time it takes some of us to play one

Josh, Elisheva, Sara, Roy, Daria, Erik, Gili, Jon, Cliff, Nadine

OK, three and a half. We had to go to two tables. Daria is a friend of Roy’s, Cliff is mostly a wargamer who is raising his own game group so he doesn’t come often.

We sorted and dealt David and Goliath, but stopped when more people showed up.


Elisheva 176, Roy 160, Daria, 57, Josh 53, Sara 44

They picked this because it was five-player, I switched to Shipyard so Josh could teach and play it.

Puerto Rico

Josh 60, Daria 47, Roy 35

From partially listening to Josh’s explanation, Jon and I got the impression that we would teach and play differently than he did with new players; Daria and Roy are new to Eurogames.


Elisheva, Sara, Erik

When Erik arrived, Sara and Elisheva left the Puerto Rico explanation to teach this to Erik. They had to stop before finishing the game because Elisheva had to leave suddenly.

Berserker Halflings in the Dungeons of Dragons

Josh 9, Erik 27, second round Josh 37, Erik 13

Josh taught this card game that he brought, he comes equipped with a bag of games.


Jon 109, Cliff 70, Gili 67, Nadine 57

This game took longer than all the other games together. The explanation took a while, and we had to look up rules even though we’ve played before. It’s long with 4 players, and the bonus cards work differently, you lose two after two rounds. I thought I was doing worse than I was, the three of us ended up pretty close. Cliff would have had 63 but we let him switch bonus cards for the logical one because it was his first play. Gili did well with her bonuses and ship points. Jon spent time thinking everything out, and we could see it was paying off so we knew he was going to win. He had great bonus cards with good synergy, the 4 points for navigation cards, he had five, and the zillion points for lots of ships; in addition to playing his bonuses well he says he also had luck in addition. Cliff said the game grew on him, it’s fiddly but also challenging.