House Rules

Amun Re (Jon)

Take two power cards, choose one.

Amyitis (Jon)

Pay 3 to take any person card from the deck

Carson City (Jon)

Three gun role and 3-gun counter count as 2 for guns, 3 for everything else

Cosmic Encounter (Jon)

Double powers, losing powers at 2/1 home bases

No reverse cone, lucre, or moons

Discourage purposely tanking your allies unless a specific card or power was designed for it

El Grande (Nadine)

On the last round, useless cards are redrawn. Example: ‘take back a power card’ or ‘veto’

El Grande King and Intrigant (Jon, Emily, Eitan, Nadine)

Cards removed from play: 30, 50

Can only be executed once per scoring round: 70, 140

95 Doesn’t count for Castillo

63 Bridge: Caballero comes from the Provinces

66 Taken off after general scoring

75, 25 If more than one person plays it, they choose on their wheel at the same time

Five Tribes

If no Djinn is bought, replace all Djinns.

Keyflower (Jon)

You can trade two of the same Tools for any one you want anytime.

Green meeples never go into the main meeple bag.

If it’s anyone’s first time playing: No opponents can go on your home tile without your permission.

La Citta (Jon)

Pay one coin to replace all cards

Lords of Waterdeep (Jon)

Play without Mandatory Quests

Louis XIV (Gili)

Light blue cards score 5, medium blue 6, dark blue 7

Macao (Jon)

Any player can pay 1 GC to make any one die (for them only) +/-1

Magic (Jon)

Each player may – once during the first five rounds only – exile a random land from their hand to take a random non-land from their deck into their hand, or vice versa (exile a random non-land to get a random land).

Power Grid (Jon, David)

Show top 4 cards of draw pile.

Princes of Florence (Jon)

In a 5-player game, the 21st profession is only available to recruit (so no player has the opportunity to buy more than other players). Also, in a 5-player game, choose from two, not five, professions when buying.

Tobago (Jon)

A curse is effectively a 0 that cannot be passed on. It must be taken by the chip with current priority; the chip is removed and the dealing out of treasure continues. A player can spend an amulet to pass the curse on to the next player in turn (who can spend an amulet, and so on, until no players are left or someone erases the curse).

Trajan (Nadine)

All players get the same number of total turns, which goes into effect if the last round is ended by a player other than the last one.

Walnut Grove (Emily)

Third and fourth players get a third 0 value coin at the beginning of the game.

Year of the Dragon – Wall Expansion (Nadine)

No penalty if the wall doesn’t reach the 7th round.

2-player Puerto Rico (Jon)

37 colonists (35 + 2 on the boat), 55 victory points, -2 of each plantation, -2 of each good, 1 of each building, except two of each production building
Start with 1 doubloon each, start with an indigo (governor) and a corn plantation, 4, 5, and 6 boats
Six roles (no prospectors): governor takes a role, then other player, then governor, place 1 coin on the other three roles and switch governor. So the new governor ends up getting two roles in a row.

Easy-to-teach games (Jon)

TtR, Settles, Nefarious, It’s Alive, Hands Teutonica, 7 Wonders, Lords of Waterdeep, El Grande, Power Grid, Trias, Spyrium, Codenames, Crokinole, Dixit, Dominion, San Juan, No Thanks, Parade, Colorrero, For Sale, High Society, R-Eco, Vegas Showdown, Torres, Antike