La Repeat

Mazal tov to Jon on becoming a grandfather today, November 7.


David: Jon trounced me once, and the second time he only beat me.
Jon: We drafted Ixalan block cards. I had a lot of vampires.

La Granja

David 76, Jon 71, Nadine 70

Third week in a row – Jon beat me by one point, I beat him by one last week, David won both times. The scores are higher in a 3-player game. The game is good, all the actions interact and affect each other, but that makes the decisions complicated. Plus I didn’t understand some of the craft building effects, so I played too slowly and took back a few moves. The other did too, but didn’t take as long. I had good cards but didn’t manage to leverage them early enough, Jon and David also had good cards.


Nadine 85, Jon 73, David 63

I was around 15 points behind the first 3 rounds, none of us thought I’d catch up. Jon went first and got a good set of 3 for the middle of his board, the other set of 3 was off to the side so David took something else. Jon took the 1 the whole game so always went first. I was able to get 5 reds, and was planning on one horizontal row. I managed to also get two vertical rows on the last round, so my placements gave me a lot of points, plus I got 26 points in bonuses.




David Nadine
Jon Haim
We played a few rounds until Aaron came.

Vegas Showdown

David 50, Nadine 42, Jon 37, Aaron 37, Haim 35

First play for Haim and Aaron. I didn’t manage to make a pathway or finish blue, my buildings were good but in the wrong places. David paid a lot for a good building that he didn’t have the prereq for, and others bought all the prereqs so he couldn’t place it, but he won anyway. David had 4 Fancy Lounges and the Theater, for 13 pts from diamonds, and no blue tiles. Haim had 6 or 8 Slots, hard to manage in a 5-player game, and  his board was almost full. Aaron finished his connection and I think both areas. It’s a hard game for 5, Jon did worse than he usually does.

La Granja

David 72, Nadine 66, Jon 65, Haim 59

First play for David and he won. The game is pretty balanced, we all worked hard and the scores were close. I could have filled another barrow at the end for a few additional points, but it was too late at night to do the calculations. Everyone had good cards, but Jon’s seemed better – the same one as last week – play a new barrow when you finish one, and one where he never gets knocked of the board, he can move somewhere else. Haim went for siesta points, David also. Jon and David were each the first to finish two craft buildings, I didn’t do any.

La Granja

La Granja

Jon 66 Nadine 56 Haim 41

I did better than I expected considering how far behind I was in resources. Jon had a strong start, and the game isn’t forgiving, which makes it a good game. I didn’t have starting cards with both income and pigs, but I didn’t really need the pig space and should have started with more income. I wasted a pig on the craft track, so did Haim, and I played a useless card that didn’t help me. The calculations are hard, Jon was good at them and played good cards, he and Haim had way more cards out than I did. Haim ended with 5 fields and also had 3 good cards, he said next time he’ll do the fields earlier. I just focused on barrow cards, Jon also played a lot of them, and also managed to do craft buildings, he and Haim finished the coin track early to get 5 income to my one.

May the Force be with you


Jon 4  Avi 15  David 16  Nadine 24  Haim 29


Gili 52  David 49  Nadine 36

None of us were surprised that I lost. I usually do poorly, occasionally I get off to a good start and do OK. Gili and David both did well, with good buildings. Gili had 7 loans, but with the loan canceling building. I had 3, David had 4.


Nadine 20 Gili 15 David 9

Twists: 2 coins if you have no inventions, do all actions twice. This made the game go quickly, which was fun. I was lucky with good cards from the start, with 4 cards that would give me 20 points, so I only needed to get enough money. David would have gotten to 20 on the next turn.


Avi 78, Jon 59, Haim 32

Gross and long with larva and insects, but they all said it was a good game.


Jon David Haim Avi +  Tal Gili Nadine+

We won one game each, boys against girls. We weren’t doing well in the first game, and then guessed the black word. We were behind in the second game, but managed to catch up. On our last turn we had two cards left, so did the other team. Tal gave ‘with you’ in Hebrew, to make it a legal clue as one word. We guessed Force, and weren’t sure what else to guess, but were correct with Shadow. Tal and Jon were good at giving clues, Jon did a 4 which they eventually got, but they missed Horseshoe as Protection.



This really was Lorenzo’s last time for now, he brought us popular packs of M’n’Ms.

Glen More

Lorenzo 62 Nadine 61 Jon 53 Haim 35

First play for Lorenzo. I kind of catch on to things towards the middle of the game. I had a castle multiplier for chieftans. On the last turn, I didn’t take the castle that activates all your tiles because it would cost me 3 cubes that I wanted to exchange for points. I didn’t take into consideration that they would have all been replaced with that castle, so I probably should have taken it.


Lorenzo 83 Haim 62 Nadine 56 Jon died in the deep

And Gola did TP the pyramid of Joeleephus


Jon+, David+


David 10 Colin 9 Nadine 8 Jon 2

First play for Colin. I got 3 points for not dumping. We played regular, probably for the last time because Jon convinced me why random is better.

Amun Re

Jon 45 Nadine 39 David 38 Haim 29 Colin 19

First play for Colin Haim. David was ahead of me after the first kingdom. Jon was first player, and kept it for 3 turns by bidding well. I was lucky that no one competed with me for most pyramids on my side of the river. I didn’t get a bonus power card until the 5th turn, but at least it was one I could use. I had 2 brick pyramid cards last turn so I couldn’t use them, I couldn’t use one the turn before because I didn’t have enough money. I didn’t know that bonus cards shown on provinces count towards the 9 card bonus. Jon didn’t know that winning the bribe makes you first player again. We changed the plus or minus 3 power card to also give you 3 coins, so we all played all the ones we got. Colin almost tied Jon for most pyramids, which would have put him at 24, but Jon didn’t have anything better to do with his bribe action so brought an extra brick. Jon: I assessed well in Amun Re, but I still got lucky that people bid what they bid, which gave me extra items. Also that David let me go last in the last turn.

Anyone who hasn’t read the funniest session report on bgg should read it:


Jon/Haim 300, David/Nadine 300

David called but Haim blocked it; David had high cards but it wasn’t clear that he needed to use them so early. David called a 3 with the one, Haim had a 3 bomb. He had a straight to the Ace, so did David and I. -50 50. Jon made a Tichu. I barely made a Tichu, David saved me with the dog, I was stuck with a 2, and he went out second. Jon made another Tichu, with an 11 card straight.


Ciao Sara and Lorenzo

Lorenzo is finishing up his post-doc here, they’re both leaving in the next few weeks for new jobs in Europe.


Jon 136 Gili 114 Nadine F 87


Aaron 111 Nadine 81 Lorenzo 74 Sara 65

First play for Sara. First time for me without the preset starting cards. I was last, which is a handicap that should receive compensation, but I also should have played better. I made several mistakes in my favor, one I was able to undo when I noticed, but not the other one – I took items from all my buildings on one round, not just one from each area, and used the cubes. I may have played the cubes wrong which may compensate a bit, I forgot that I could use the eye cube action twice. Even if I legitimately came in second, I’m not so into the game. It’s fine, it’s clear what to do. But  frustrating to get blocked, you’re not supposed to have only one action available which is what happened to me, and Lorenzo took it before me. Lorenzo had a good card combination with two money multipliers. Aaron understands the game well and was ahead the whole time.


Nadine F 21 Jon 10 Gili 1

First play for Nadine F