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Nadine 109, Jon 89, Aaron 21

We played 2 rounds, first play for Aaron, though none of us have played much. Jon won the first round by about 30 points, I did well on the second round. Aaron called a Little Bet, when he went out last both Jon and I got 15 points from that. I had thought of betting but didn’t. I had a small bomb and went out first. Both of them bombed my plays, so I got a lot of card points from that.

Quacks of Quedlinburg

Aaron 66, Jon 51, Gili 50, Nadine 42

First play for all except Gili. It’s good for a light game. There is a lot of luck which multiplies, Aaron had good early moves, which let him get good chips which helped him in future moves. I had a good first move, but a terrible second one, I had all white chips and went over. We went over often, Aaron only did once the whole game, partly because of his good chips.


Jon 55, Gili 42, Nadine 39, Aaron 37

First play for Gili, first time the rest of us played correctly. At the end of the game Tipis score 12 / 6 / 4 / 0, Gili had one Tipi more than I did so she got the 4, Jon had the most. If I had noticed that the card pile was low, I would have switched my dice to Indians to take another card with one or two Tipis, though if I only got one, we would have tied and Gili would still have won. Jon got a good card early, buy all Indian cards for one Indian, I probably should have taken it. Aaron seemed to be doing well, but Jon beat him at his strategy of fulfilling two cards frequently, and Jon bought lots of Indian cards which also gave him Tipis and more gray dice. Gili did well once she caught on, she said the game felt slow. It would be easier if you could take multiple actions on your own board, and stop if you fulfill a card, take back dice, or place dice on the main board.

Starting back

Great to at least partially be back to gaming after a two-month WuFlu hiatus.

Architects of the Western Kingdom

Nadine 35, Aaron 33, Jon 19

Aaron brought this, new to us, he had played twice. The game and rules were in French, he had part of the rules printed in English, and Jon looked up the rest. It’s worker placement with a capture mechanic, which has nothing to do with architects. The cathedral seemed straightforward with good rewards, so I just focused on that. I was first, they got extra money but that didn’t necessarily compensate enough. Aaron did a lot of capturing, which gave him money. Jon and I did some. In addition to cathedral rewards, I got good spots twice in the black market, we only cleared it 2 or 3 times. I didn’t get any apprentices. After I finished the cathedral, I built 2 small buildings, and used resources to go up on the virtue track. Jon was also doing that, but didn’t get as high. Jon had points from buildings, but also ended up with negative points from loans. Aaron also built, and had helpful apprentices, and got to 12 on the cathedral. I got to 20, but the 4 resources I spent are worth 4, so I only got 4 more than he did from it, actually plus the card resources. Jon didn’t get the spots he wanted, partly related to not understanding certain things. He forgot he couldn’t go in the castle from his low track position, I think he also couldn’t go to the black market earlier due to a high track position. It seems strange to me that you can manage without getting apprentices, but I guess that’s part of alternative strategies. I’m not sure about the capture mechanic, it’s easy to mitigate, but negative mechanics are annoying and not really fun. It is nice that there is no limit on how many pieces can go on most spots. There must be different strategies with the apprentice cards and buildings, but the cards you want aren’t always available.


Nadine 62, Aaron 60, Jon 47 ***

A new, simpler Lewis & Clark game, first play for all. Aaron really won, we played a few things wrong. I got 12 points for having most Indians, the others split the 6 points for second place. That seems somewhat arbitrary, it’s not really the main focus. Which cards are available is luck, I had a good one, which had more Indians, which was partly why I took it. I didn’t realize that I needed to have the mountains and rivers match the order on the cards, so I may have skipped the extra turns to do it right. I focused on point cards, which are harder but I had the cards to do them, after making a mistake first turn with one that I need better travel cards for. Aaron’s strategy was mainly to do a lot of easy cards which give points from sets, he completed two cards almost every turn. He also had some regular point cards. We forgot that you get an extra action whenever you complete 2 cards, so with all those extra actions he would have won, I might not have gotten most Indians, and the game would have been shorter. Jon also missed one extra action, and didn’t have as good cards come out on his turns. It’s an interesting game.

Tough Games

We started with a discussion about Jon’s trip and the WuFlu, which was updated with the news that Israel is banning gatherings of 100 or more, including weddings.

Year of the Dragon

Nadine 111  David 100  Gili 95  Avi 94

Avi had played too long ago to remember anything. We were all surprised by the end result. Gili looked like she was doing really well, keeping all her people and having the right ones early on. I wasn’t doing so well, I felt like I was behind. Avi was doing very poorly due to miscalculations; David took the slow strategy which included lots of money. Gili was the only one who didn’t have a dragon. During most of the game she got 5 points per turn, David and I got 8 with a dragon, 5 pagodas and a courtesan. Avi did the point strategy, getting 7 points most turns. He lost a lot of people, both from the strategy and from mistakes from not understanding the game well enough. Gili, David and I weren’t that far apart in saving people, so the turn points made the difference, I had more points earlier than David did, though he won fireworks once, with Gili second, and she won once. I was lucky several times with the action I wanted being available so that I didn’t need to pay.

Lo Ra

David 10  3 38 52
Avi 7 18 21 46
Gili 9 4 18 31
Nadine 7  21 31

First play for Avi, he liked it. David gambled with pulling tiles on his own, once it paid off, once it didn’t.


Aaron 208, Jon 171, Haim 170

Jon didn’t remember anything from previous plays, Haim and Aaron played last meeting. Aaron thinks he does well due to selecting positions no one else has.

Again no Tichu.

No Tichu

Love Letter

Aaron +  Nadine + David +

Aaron and I each won a game, then David arrived and won against both of us.


Aaron 155  Nadine 145  David 127  Haim 120

First play for Aaron and Haim. Everyone liked the game despite, or because of, hard decisions. Aaron went last and decided to follow a strategy different from the rest of us, which helped him in selecting dice. But he mainly won because he got way more men, and women, on the board, and had the most tiles, for something like 47 points at the end. I went first and forgot to check for turn order compensation, so they got it on the second round, plus and extra coin, but that could have made a difference.

Trains and Tracks


David++ Jon+

Jon: We built sealed decks. I barely lost the first, easily won the second, and easily lost the third.

No Thanks

L+, Jon, Yitzhak

Ticket to Ride

Assaf+, L, Yitzhak

They liked it, though L said he prefers more strategic games.


David 162, Nadine 149, Jon 116

First play for Jon and David, second for me. Everyone liked it, I think it’s balanced with different paths to victory. David and I traveled more than Jon did. Jon did well with money, but was behind in the tracks. I was low on money and guards the whole game, but ended up ahead in purple and green which I hadn’t realized give higher bonuses; I had fewer voyages than the others, but hit the two level III monastaries. David analyzed more than we did, which Jon complained about, but it paid off. And I think will decrease in future plays. David had the best automatic bonuses from cards, Jon also had some, I only had one the whole game, a 1-coin discount. The two currencies didn’t bother me now that I’m familiar with them.

PR and Mars

Puerto Rico

Buildings, Shipping, Bonus, Total Nadine F 22 25 14 61  Nadine 18 28 7 53  Haim 14 22 6 42

I reviewed the rules for both, and helped a bit during play, such as recommending small market, harbor and guild hall to Nadine F. She ended with that and fortress, also had harbor. Haim had an almost full residence with hacienda, and I had CH, factory, harbor, wharf. I may have been better off with 2 large buildings. We had factory at 7. Haim put taking mayor to good use, he took it almost every round so got a lot of goods going early, without a quarry, and we couldn’t man ours. Nadine F had a tobacco monopoly and realized on her own to take a ship rather than trading.

Terraforming Mars

Noam 113, Jon 102

Noam is an experienced player, Jon thought he was losing by more than he was. There were tons of cards and hexes used.

Codenames Duet

I wanted to try this, Nadine F and I took turns playing with Haim. It’s good, but hard because you always have to give clues, and need to do more than one card.


Nadine / Noam 285  Jon / Haim -85

We taught this to Noam and played two rounds. I had 3 aces but not much else so I didn’t call Tichu, no one did, we got 85. Jon called next round. I had 3 aces and two other triples, but didn’t call against him. Noam bombed him when Jon had 4 cards left, 8899, I went out first and then Noam. Good timing on Noam’s part.



David ++, Jon ++


Nadine F 113, Nadine 109, Aaron 96

An interesting game, complicated so you need to play more than once. We all got things wrong due to it being our first play, and there are a lot of details to know. Aaron had the best understanding of the game, which didn’t help him, or not enough. Nadine F had a hard time remembering card benefits vs track advancement and activation. She used attack cards twice to steal points and goods from us, which helped her, Aaron and I didn’t attack. You can prepare a defense once you know the attack cards. 2 currencies felt too fiddly, but I guess that’s part of getting used to the game. There are interesting mechanics with relevant decisions, even though you have limited control over which cards are available due to worker placement competition – opponents can ‘outbid’ you once you’ve placed, and you can even be locked out. The others got more ships than I did, for end game points. Nadine F and I hadn’t noticed that some monastaries don’t qualify for the bonus, that was one that I did get. I focused on getting one set of ribbons and traveling. You can’t travel everywhere you want, I may have done better going in another direction, or at least coordinating more between my monastaries and cards, but that takes more thinking and time, and I don’t know if it would have worked better. I could have gotten at least two more points by getting a different ship. I was first in 2 of 4 tracks as was Nadine F, she was second in at least one.


Jon 45, David 39

Another one of Jon’s new games. Jon said it’s good but long.

We didn’t meet last week.