Stone Age in Maale Adumim


David+, Jon+

I played a BGU deck against David and barely lost to his GB. I had all the flyers, but he had a swampwalker. In the second game, I swapped B out for W which eliminated his swampwalker and some other cards he had against B, as well as enhancing some of my cards that synergized better with W. David did most of the damage to himself with a banshee taking out many of my flying threats, but eventually he didn’t have enough life to lose. We had pretty comparable deck power in both games, so good games. After Magic, David and I drove to Maale Adumim to play with Avi .


Jon 88ish, Avi 72, David 70

2nd play for David and Avi. I won but I still don’t know what I am doing. David was convinced that his very first move was so bad that it was no is for him to continue. But we did and he scored nearly the same as Avi as you can see. I think we played all the rules right this time.

I went last so I picked my first cards first. They had some synergy and they determined what else I should take. I had some money each round – sometimes too little, but some. And one building in each area. And then I made sure to play cards every round. I got two of the ones that removed locks, which helped. But I can’t really say for sure, yet, as I am not sure what the best way to go is. David apparently mistimed a move and had one too few spaces in both first ad second round to play cards.
[1:15 PM, 6/13/2019] Yehuda Berlinger: Avi got to all buildings first, I got to all cards, and David got to all workers.

Stone Age

Jon 158 David 156 Avi 132

I picked this a a brainless final game. I had bad luck, o had good luck, I had bad luck, I had good luck. Avi blocked me, Avi didn’t block me. I played the starvation strategy and won. Davod showed how a good food base will kill the starvation strategy if the game goes on long enough, so a starver has to remember to also end the game earlier.

– Jon, 6/12

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