July 19, 2017

Participants: Jon, Jeff, Sara, Haim S, Aaron, Gili, Assif, Yael,

Jeff and Sara are visiting from the US. Gili brought her daughter Assif.

Slap Deck

Jon+, Sara+, Jeff

First plays for Jeff and Sara. We played two games.


Gili, Sara, Jeff, Assif

First plays for Sara and maybe Assif.


Jon+, Yael, Aaron, Haim

First plays for Aaron and Haim. As usual, I played to one less point than recommended. This is the closest thing I have to a war game, and Haim tried to play it much like a was game, making pacts, encouraging others to do so, and threatening those who didn’t. I found myself squeezed in the middle. Lucky for me, everyone basically agreed to apportion out the board and leave me three additional cities to which to expand.

Haim conquered many cities and built up some armies. Aaron progressed nearly as quickly as I did on the Know-Hows. Yael was in the corner and built up some boats and cities. I was first to three temples and a few know-hows, then 7 seas. I won the game by destroying one of Aaron’s temples, which was the only conquering in the game.


We learned to play xxx’s mockup, which was a bit like a a cross between By Hook or By Crook and Can’t Stop (games with which they are unfamiliar). It was not my type of game, but for those that like that kind of game, it might be fun.

It’s Alive

Jon, Aaron, xxx

First play for everyone but me. Amazing that Aaron had never played this. I think everyone enjoyed it.


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