June 28, 2017

Participants: Jon, David K, Chaya Bluma, Ido, Tzur, Aaron, Haim S, Tal

Welcome back Ido and his friend Tzur who enjoyed the group but probably won’t have time to come. My daughter sat in for some Tichu at the end of the night.

Magic the Gathering

Jon++, David

I continue to win this game, occasionally, after losing for so long. We both drafted BG. I thought I would be adding W, but I ended up playing BGU. David played BGW, which is unusual for him. My mana worked well in the first game, a little less in the second; David had the opposite problem. His bigger problem was that he had some creature killers but didn’t see them for the most part in either game. I had a few unblockables and some ability to excavate them from the graveyard.


David 14, Jon 15, Ido 33

First play for Ido. David could have won by more by taking a riskier play, but he played a safety play by calculating the best score I could achieve and playing to beat it by one point.


Jon 21, David, Ido

First play for Ido. The twists were both “good”. One gave you an extra card when you researched but made you toss a card when you invented. The other gave you $2 whenever you played an invention worth more points than a previous invention.

Hansa Tuetonica

Jon 53, David 50, Haim 47, Ido 32

First play for Ido. David was convinced that he was doing poorly (as usual), while I was convinced that he, Haim, and I were pretty close. I never got to five actions, while all of them did. Instead I took an early lead on cities and 2 of the 4 lower left city bonuses; David took the other 2. At the end David took away some of my cities. And Haim had the most disks. Somehow I still squeaked out a victory.

Castles of Burgundy

Aaron 190, CB 186, Tzur 175

First play for CB and Tzur. CB liked the game, but toward the end she said that there was not enough contrast between different colors and some kinds of icons, making it hard to see what’s going on. And it wasn’t as interactive as Puerto Rico. 🙂


David/Tal, CB/Aaron, Haim?

I don’t remember exactly what happened here, except that once again we went very late past midnight.


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