December 27, 2016

Participants: Nadine, Elad, Jon

Among the Stars

Jon 103, Nadine 82, Elad 75

First play for Nadine.


Elad 69+, Nadine 69, Jon 68

Second play for me, first for Elad. I was slightly bothered by this the first time, and more bothered this time. I just don’t like some of the core random mechanics, in particular the availability or lack of tiles. It is beyond your control, can’t plan for it, and simply rewards some people instead of others. The male/female divide of extra actions is also annoying and unnecessary.

In theory, people should gain men and women at roughly the same amount. I rolled only 2 women in my first 30 or so rolls, which made life difficult.

The game had a blowout score discrepancy, as you can see.

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