November 30, 2016

Participants: Jon, David K, Nadine, Gili, Elad, Adam, Nati, Yael

First time comer Adam had never played a Euro and got thrown into Trajan, poor guy.

Magic: The Gathering

David++, Jon

We drafted and I ended up with a few golds including a 5 color gold (BRUGW, 8/8) – not even a very impressive one. But I decided to try a five color deck, buttressed only by a single artifact that prism’d one mana into mana of any color, some walls, some boosting instants, and a number of blue fliers. I expected to be taken down quickly. Meanwhile, David played BRG with some small creatures, some direct damage, and a few black kill or shrink cards.

I got very lucky and played 4 colors of mana and my prism in the first five rounds of the first game, letting me play everything in my deck – but I only found 2 of my 8 fliers (the last 6 were in the last 9 or so cards of my deck). But David kept everything slow, taking out my few fliers until I basically stalled. He then played an ability to cause me 2 life and gain 2 life every turn, until he could rush me for the win. In the second game I got lucky again with my mana and unlucky again with almost none of my fliers. This time I lost fairly quickly.

Age of Industry

Jon 38, David K 37, Yael 34, Nati 32

First play for everyone but me. I was convinced that this was David’s kind of game, but for some reason all three of them struggled to figure out the strategies. Despite this, they all played well; we all made mistakes, but mistakes in this game are pretty forgiving unless you really screw up a missed opportunity or leave something unshipped at the end. I think they all over thought the game. Still, I think they liked it (not loved it) and by the end David was thinking he might like it more if he played it again, and wanted to play it again.


Nadine 129, Elad 114, Gili 98, Adam 91

We played several rules incorrectly last time; Nadine believes that they played everything correctly this time. But she won again, so she obviously bullied them somehow :-). We shall see when I have a chance to play her again.


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