November 23, 2016

Participants: Jon, Nisan, Nadine, Nati, Elad, Yael

Sorry for the delayed post. I don’t remember if we played any quick games before the main ones.


Nadine 143, Nati 139, Jon 124

First play for everyone, and we played several rules wrong, including some that gave Nadine and Nati more points (they both played military and we forgot that you can’t keep moving guys to the same place) and lost me points (we tossed out cards after shipping them instead of also using them for end game scoring).

It looks like there is a lot of paralysis planning, but only if you have trajan tiles, which you can’t always have; I kind of gave up on planning too many rounds in advance, because there is almost always something useful to do anyway.

Nadine scores the fewest Trajan tiles and lost the least from the people’s demands.


Elad 62, Yael 62, Nisan

First play for all of them, I taught them.

Nisan writes: On the last two rounds, Yael cannoned off four of Elad’s colonists to increase her connections and decrease Elad’s. Still, Elad’s clever management of scoring track markers allowed him to remain in first place. Nisan achieved the most exploration tiles from ships, but ended up with 18 gold and took a 3 point hit on bricks losing a key card for a better card from South America.

Each player had at least one governor card, and everyone used their entire six card slots.





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