August 03, 2016

Participants: Jon, David, Avi, Yedidya, Nadine, Yael, Nisan, Or, Aaron, Shneur


David/Avi, Jon/Yedidya, Nadine

Played at the beginning and end of the evenings. I played two hands at the beginning, calling Tichu both times – the second time I was going to call Tichu anyway, but I was passed the 1 and a straight flush bomb. At the end of the evening, I played two hands where David called Tichu both times – and I had a bomb both times. He had his own bomb in the first hand and made his Tichu. In the second, I bombed and got my partner out, and then I was able to finesse him to go out second.

Magic: The Gathering

David++, Jon

David and I both drafted weak hands. David was very unlucky with his mana in the first game, but lucky with his cards anyway. In the second game we both had mana, but he had the stronger deck. I never drew any of my creature control.

Colt Express

Avi 3250, Yael 2500, Nadine 2200, Yedidya 500

Glen More

Jon 35, Avi 34, Yael ???

First play for Avi and Yael. Although I knew the rules, I sometimes interpreted the castle cards incorrectly and had to go back on them. This usually made no difference, but Yael got the one that doubled her chieftain score, which apparently doubles her chieftains, not her chieftain’s scores. So while she ended with 45, she really had 33, BUT she would have bought a different card instead and won anyway.

Avi had no chieftains and I had no whiskey barrels. Yael had, by far, the most castles.

Notre Dame

David 70, Nadine 64, Yedidya 35

First play for Yedidya.


Or 20, Nisan 17, Shneur 17, Aaron 16

Or won with Secret Lair (1/invention with 7 inventions) and an earlier one which allowed her to play 4 minions for free.

Twists: Start with $20. Research gives 2 cards, but each invention forces you to discard a card.

Princes of Florence

Or 59, Aaron 50, Shneur 49, Nisan 48

Nisan writes: First play for everyone except Nisan. I like teaching the game and making sure that all players understand it well enough to win. To that end, clearly I did a fine job.. 🙂

Even with the men’s various mistakes (Nisan’s cost him 7 points, for example, because he missed his prestige card), Or won handily.

Or had three builders and on turn six earned nine points for third builder and two buildings. The next turn she played two profession cards for 18 WV each and had 8 WV bonus points earning her the best work for that round. So in the last two rounds she earned 33 prestige points.

Everyone enjoyed the game, and what was most important is that no one got shut out from victory by round three. Cheapest auctions: twice Jesters went for 200 (round 1 and 7), builder went for 200 in round 6, prestige and recruiters went for 200 in rounds 4 and 3 respectively.


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