June 01, 2016

Participants: Jon, Nadine, Nisan, Alan, Bill G

Alan brought his father Bill who is here in Israel for a short visit. Nisan and Nadine started and ended the evening by claiming that I win games all the time, especially when there are new players, but I think that’s very unfair. I didn’t win the second game of Codenames tonight, for example.


Jon/Nadine+, Bill/Alan

I taught this to Bill; Alan had played once or twice I think. Alan and I gave clues. Our partners each gave our opponents two cards, but then Nadine finally pulled ahead and I was able to win with one word clues.

Nadine/Alan+, Bill/Nisan

I sat this game out. I don’t know how it ended.

Nadine: Nisan guess the black word towards the end, it was Sink and Bill had given Food 2 or 3 as an earlier clue.


Jon 7, Nisan 5, Nadine 5, Alan 5, Bill 3

We played this to one point less than the listed points, as usual. I also decided that in this game, for the first time, we would play with the correct maneuver rules: moving is a maneuver and conquering is a maneuver, and you can only do one of them unless you have advanced on the relevant Know How. Honestly this didn’t improve the game.

The way we have always played – you can move up to your movement limit and then you can conquer for free – there is not much in the way of conquering, but there is some, not too much to make me dislike the game, but not too little to make people who like attacking feel bored. The upside is a dynamic game that includes some skirmishing and makes building armies/fleets somewhat more important.

The correct rules make attacking all but non-existent, especially when playing to 1 less point. The only upside is that it makes the two movement Know-Hows stronger. But I kind of missed the skirmishing, so long as it’s not all ganging up on me.

First play for Alan, Bill, and Nisan. I explained everything well enough, although there was a little confusion in the middle about how many Know How steps you can build at once. Both I and Nadine also explained the strategies I planned to use to win the game. And that’s the exact strategies that I used to win the game, made, if possible, slightly easier since there was basically no attacking the entire game.

I played Rome and built an early Market and then an early temple, but my temple was iron since I expecting attacks from my neighbors. Nadine was second to a Know How, and since she was up near England, she built Sailing. Alan was down in Palestine, which is usually pretty strong, and he was first to three temples, but he and Nisan (Greece) basically left each other alone. Nisan spread out to 15 cities and built lots of armies with the intention of sacking one of my temples. I built to Monarchy and then Democracy, so the only temple he could sack was after I already had three temples (all I needed) and was poised to win the game anyway. Bill hung out in North Africa, basically keeping to himself, too.

Nisan said that he liked the game, and Nadine liked it more than she liked Steam.


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