May 08, 2016

Participants: Jon, Amy, Nadine, Gili, Francis

Game night was moved to Sunday owing to the holidays. Amy is a friend who stopped by for the first time. She had played Ticket to Ride and likes board games in general. I taught her how to play Settlers of Catan, but we didn’t get a chance to play it.

No Thanks

Jon 27, Gili 28, Amy 41, Nadine 48

Gili 11, Jon 39, Nadine 49, Amy 60ish

First plays for Amy. We played this as both opener and closer for the evening.


Jon+, Nadine, Gili, Amy, Francis

First plays for Francis and Amy. Nadine suggested this for five players. I picked a medium game with 4 requirements chosen from 6 options. The game played over 6 rounds. On the first round I took 2 factions with baby cards, yet I still kept one of them the entire game and I often had 2 factions during the game. One would have thought that this would be more difficult with 5 players.

One of the features of this game, like some others (such as Cities and Knights of Catan) is that you have to focus on achieving the victory conditions and not spend too much time fiddling around with the mechanics. It’s not an elegant game, and some of the victory conditions are far harder to achieve than others, or they require fighting the board as opposed to fighting opponents. I picked the easiest path, somehow.

Amy and Francis both did well, although none of the other players had achieved more than 2 of the conditions. Nadine was the first with a permanent favor, with Gili getting hers near the game’s end. Only Amy got a Tribune, I believe.



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