May 03, 2016

Participants: Jon, David, Gili

Owing to various minor holidays, game night was moved to Tuesday this week and Sunday next week. I always thought that some people who couldn’t come on Wed would show up when we moved to another day, but that didn’t happen. And most of the regulars didn’t come either, as you can see.

Magic:The Gathering

Jon+, David

We didn’t have enough time to draft, so we pulled some random cards from the cards we had been drafting with over the last few months. The quality of what I had to choose from was fairly high: light on big creatures, but good in control and combination creatures (that can also be cast as enchantments or that give each other bonuses) and control cards (lots of red direct damage and other kill cards). I also had some multi-colored mana-producing artifacts, so I played BRW. My first pull had no lands, but I mulliganned and then eked out the land I needed after that. I also pulled decent cards. I took out everything David played and still had some control cards to spare.

David played RU. I don’t know what his deck was like.

San Juan + expansion

David 35, Gili 33, Jon 30

We were waiting to see if someone else came, so we played this.This is my first play with the expansion cards from the Alea box; we didn’t play with the extra role cards. Some of the expansion cards are interesting, and none of them seemed especially unbalanced. Gili used the Bank to stash 12 cards  for 12 game ending points after a super trade. We also played Garden wrong; I decided that you could overbuild it, even if you didn’t have a Crane, which is fine, because the building kind of sucks otherwise.

David won with nice combinations of Carpenter, Quarry, and Library. Gili had her Bank and was the first and only player to build Silver. I got out some point cards and was the first with Prefecture and an expansion building that gave me a 2 GP good on Counselor. I didn’t have enough utility cards, however.


David 44, Jon 38, Gili 35

Gili chose this after a bit of wrangling. And she then proceeded to roll dice poorly and complain about it. I also rolled dice poorly – not all the time. Mostly it was the one time I had 7 dice to roll and I needed 3 or greater on as many dice as possible and I only succeeded with 2 of the dice. For the same action, Gili rolled 6 dice and succeeded with only 2 of them. David rolled 6 dice and succeeded with all 6 of them.

That didn’t change the game, but it felt frustrating. Aside from that, the game was pretty close.


Jon 24, David 15

David 22, Jon 20

We finished Troyes early and Gili had to go, so we played two rounds of this. In both games there was one negative and one positive twist. I pulled out an early lead in the first game and maintained it. In the second game, David played his minions well and ended the game before I could build up to my last card.

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