Vasco da Gama Rematch

Vasco da Gama

Gili 81, Jon 73+, David 73, Nadine 50

Close except for me. Gili did a good job, Jon won on a tiebreaker like money. I didn’t get the game well enough, even though I felt that I had more of a sense of what to do than last time, but the others played better; I made a few early mistakes which you can’t recover from against good players – a sign of a good game. There is no strategy other than ships, and it’s hard to figure out everything – what you need to get, the order in which you need it, and which ship spaces will be available. Jon is good at that, and the others managed also though we allowed a few takebacks due to miscalculations. I would have done worse if Jon hadn’t suggested my move at the end. I had a total of 4 ships, less than the others, David and Jon had at least 5 and Gili 6. We played with the correct rules which didn’t change the game much, though I think there is too much of an advantage in going first or second on the first round of the game, which is randomly determined.


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