February 24, 2016

Participants: Jon, David, Nadine, Aaron, Nisan, Binyamin, Mace, Francis, Helen

Helen is a friend who has only seen some light games until now. This was her first intro to more complicated games. Mace is now living in Australia, but is here on occasion.

Magic: The Gathering

David+, Jon

We drafted and I felt very unsure of my collection. But I managed a W deck with G secondary and a splash of R. David played UGR. I didn’t do too badly, but he was able to wipe me out before I could play my boosting trample instants.

Five Tribes

Jon 141, David 136, Nadine 126, Mace 113

First play for Mace. He seemed to be doing well, and owing to my 8 card set I thought I was doing well, too. However, David had a pretty big set and first place in yellow meeples – though nothing on the board – so I thought he was not too far behind. Nadine had a strong board, but not as strong as Mace’s, and she doesn’t spend any money bidding.

In the end, Mace had 71 on the board but nothing else, not even money. I was just behind Nadine on the board and I had my card set. David’s cards didn’t quite match, because Nadine took the cards he needed.

Helen watched us play for a while.


Nisan, Binyamin, Aaron, Francis

Binyamin: We lost pandemic we had eradicated yellow and cured black but didn’t have enough black to put down. We also had enough cards to cure black.

Colt Express

Aaron 2300, Binyamin 2300, Nisan 2000, Helen 1250, Francis 500

First play for everyone except Binyamin. Aaron won with the tiebreaker. Nisan adds: In loot money alone, Nisan had 2000; Binyamin and Aaron got $1000 bonus for gunslinger.


Binyamin+, Aaron


Jon/Mace, David/Nadine

We played about 6 or 7 hands. First play in a long time for Mace who had played once or twice. I started with a Grand Tichu that I didn’t make. From there we gradually narrowed the gap until Mace tried his first Tich  – but he shouldn’t have, since he didn’t yet understand how to value hands. Despite this, he played pretty solidly. On the last hand I bid and made a Tichu, effectively tying us up (or within 10 or 20 points) before David had to run.

Spit It Out

Jon, Nadine, Aaron, Binyamin, Mace

A silly party game that takes 30 second to explain. The points are not relevant. Some challenge to play, but it’s not exactly clear what answers to the questions are acceptable or not – which may not necessarily detract from the fun.


One thought on “February 24, 2016

  1. I thought 5 Tribes was a pretty good game. I find that bidding a lot for place slowly depleted my cash. Focusing on the board, I should have focused also on my cash and a few more cards. Tichu, was just really starting to remember how to play before we had to bag it … I may be here for next week!! Good to see the old gang!

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