February 17, 2016

Participants: Jon, David, Nadine, Nisan, Aaron, Binyamin, Roman, Francis

Magic: The Gathering

Jon+, David

I achieved a rare win over David, but it was close. I played WRu, and David played BGu (I think). We both drafted a lot of fliers; David also had walls and I had a few large ground creatures. But I also had more direct damage and white instant boosters. We both started a little mana shy, but no color problems. I took David down to 8 and then to 5, and was set to kill him but he jumped back up to 10. Then he got a few flying damage in, and threw 4 +1/+1 counters on his flier, but I boosted my flying defense with an instant and killed his. I eked out the last few points with two direct damage spells.

Take It To The Limit

David 428, Jon 385, Aaron 253, Nisan 245, Nadine 178

Second play for Nadine and me, first play for the others. Nadine thinks the game is ok. David I think also thought it was ok. Aaron liked it, and Nisan didn’t like it. I like this version of the game, but I think the shorter version (Take It Easy) played on a curtailed board is probably a better filler experience for most people.

Mr Jack

Binyamin, Roman

Binyamin taught this to Roman while we played Take It To The Limit; Francis came and watched. I think Binyamin won as the Detective.

Lords of Waterdeep

Roman 149, David 128, Nisan 117, Nadine 97

Nadine writes: My strategy was to stay far behind so people would give me things when required. Which worked. I was the only one below 100. We played wrong – we didn’t replace buildings when taken. Roman had strong intrigues.

Age of Empires III

Aaron 96, Francis 94, Binyamin 89, Jon 83

Binyamin requested this because he was considering buying the new version of the game. First play for him and Francis, second for Aaron. As usual, I told the to gang up on me, but there was not much need to. While Francis slowly took control of the New World, it seemed like Aaron was winning with his income and other strong appearance. He also seemed to get a lot of specialists, but then so did Francis.

I didn’t feel like I was doing too badly, especially when I had a good income and points in buildings. But I lacked points in the New World, and Binyamin and Aaron had better incomes. As usual, not too much in the way of warfare; I rarely say this, but there could be a tad more warfare in the game to make it more interesting.

It was a long game, but everyone liked it.


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