February 10, 2016

Participants: Jon, Nadine, Jonathan, David K, Nisan, Alan, Gili


Jon, Nadine, Alan, David

We tried Jonathan’s prototype word game, which is pretty good, but not my style. He is still refining the game, and hopefully it will find a home one day.

Settlers of Catan

Nisan 11, Gili 5, Jonathan 6

First play for Jonathan. Nisan and Gili are very experienced, but likely haven’t played in a while.


Jon 53, Alan 43, David 42, Nadine 38

First play for Alan. Nadine thinks she doesn’t like the game, but then she thinks she does but that it’s just hard. It is hard, but – though it has planning that involves points and money, it doesn’t seem to bog down in long calculations of numbers. The calculations are more about resources and how far an opponent is willing to bid.

I really like it, even though I win it often. I try to do the same thing each time, but I always end up doing something very different. This time I took up to 7 debts, paying off only 3 by the end. The amount of points I made with the buildings was enough to balance it out. Alan ended with the most buildings, and David had the biggest point burst in the last rounds, but not enough.

Still one of my favorites.


Alan/Nadine 1035, David/Nisan 565

First actual play for Alan, I stood behind him and gave him advice, often very specific, sometimes very general. I let him play on his own for a few hands.

We opened the evening with a hand that had four bombs. Other hands after that had multiple bombs. Nisan called grand tichu at least six times. The first time he made it. After that his team took a drubbing. Alan/I even called and made tichu against his grand tichu. Three times when David realized that his teammate couldn’t make grand tichu, and we had called tichu as well, he simply bit the bullet and went out first. At one point the score was 915 to -415.

Then they caught up 800 points in two hands, and our team began edging slowly down in points, from 915 to 890 to 825. Finally we went ahead again to 960. They won another 400 points bringing them to 340, but we finally ended the game after 15 hands.


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