January 27, 2016

Participants: Jon, David, Yitzchak, Ayelet, Tzuriel, Gili, Roman, Nadine, Binyamin, Nisan, Francis

It takes a while for us to get settled on games to play, especially with people waiting to hear what everyone else is going to play before deciding on a game and/or coming a bit late (while we’re setting up games). I thought it would be easier with more people. 🙂

Yizchak as a dear old friend visiting Israel, and Ayelet is his daughter. Tzuriel is a designer who dropped by (and also a friend of Gili’s).

Magic: The Gathering

Jon+, David

I drafted a worse deck, so I thought, and I quickly got pummeled and my forces wiped out. At 4 points, I kept drawing cards that let me hang on another round until I finally got a few blockers in play and a flier that he couldn’t block. He could get through 2 points (which would drop me to 2) at the cost of some of his creatures, but only once. In the meantime, I began poking him with my flier, and then two fliers. Then we were both at 4 points.

He finally got 3 points through to me, leaving him open to 3 points in return (after which he was poised to win), but I topdecked another point for the win.


Roman, David, Tzuriel

David said he didn’t play well.

Five Tribes + The Artisans of Naqaba

Francis 188, Jon 169, Nadine 159, Gili 150

Binyamin brought this expansion. First play of the expansion for all of us, first play of Five Tribes of any kind for Francis. The six or seven times that I have played Five Tribes have not yet given me any clue as to the most successful strategy. Instead, playinf feels like throwing darts at a board I can’t see, hoping for the best and completely unable to do anything about the darts thrown by my opponents. Which makes it a very tactical game with no real control. It’s possible that a real attempt to understand the game and several more plays will give me a better handle on the strategy.

This expansion greatly complicates the tactics. None of it was bad, but it was just so unnecessary for a game about which I already feel no control. That feeling was magnified. I’m not ready for it. Also, I’m not sure how balanced it is, especially one card that Nadine took; on the one hand, she didn’t win, but on the other she also didn’t play robustly.

This was the first time I played taking no yellow meeples or djinns. I took cards, some rich blue meeples, and a few places on the board, but nothing extraordinary. Francis took some of the earliest and best board spaces, and also had bonuses in yellow meeples and cards and leftover money. Nadine had strong purple and good board spaces. Gili had purple chips and yellow meeples.

If the game was confusing for us, it was probably more so for Francis on his first play.

Small World Underground

Nisan 116, Ayelet 104, Binyamin 100, Yitzchak 91

First play for Ayelet, at least. I don’t know how this went.

Love Letter

Binyamin 3 Nissan 2 Yitchak 1 Ayelet 1

Played as an end of evening filler.


Jon/Yitzchak 80, 105, 305, 365, 565, Nadine/Binyamin 120, 195, 95, 235, 235

First play for Yitzchak, who picked up the game quickly after the first hand. Binyamin and Nadine called all of the tichus, and they called them 3 out of 5 hands (but only made 2 of them). On round 3, Binyamin was my RHO and he had called tichu. After he hestitated during play, it was obvious to me that he was left with a K and the Dog. I followed him with an A and the ability to pretty much go out when I wanted. I let Yitzchak whittle down his cards first. That round and the last we both went out first.

Sababa V’Hakol

Tzuriel, Gili

Tzuriel taught Gili (I think) a game he designed. It’s up on a crowdfunding site (in Hebrew).

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