December 30, 2015

Participants: Jon, Jonathan, Roman, Gili, Aaron, Shneur, Alan, Francis, Karina

I’m writing this late, so I may have crossed my names. I also can’t remember the lovely woman who spoke only Ukrainian and a bit of English. Shneur? Karina is Roman’s girlfriend who spoke mostly Russian.

Francis is a volunteer from Kenya who works nearby. I had him over for shabbat meal and found out that he likes games. This was his first visit.

7 Wonders

Jon 48, Jonathan 29, Roman 52, Aaron 40, Shneur 47, Alan 49, Ka 40

First play for all but me, and I believe Aaron. I started with the board that gives a free science symbol at second level, but could only pick up 3 science cards during the game (without sacrificing too much). My RHO Jonathan produced almost no resources, so I had to build my own. I was also shy in money until the end. I ended with 19 blue points a small amount of everything else except for purple.

Shneur had the most science (18) but no blue. Alan had the most blue (22) and was the only one with a full monument. Ka has strong purple and science, but -4 in military and not much else. Roman had 15 in military, 10 coins (with very strong resources), and a fair amount in blue and purple.

Age of Empires III

Roman, Jon, Aaron, Shneur, Karina+

First game for all but me. Karina won.  I lost an important discovery with 5 colonists (it required 6) and then lost another one with 4 colonists (it required 4). Luckily, even though I thought I also lost out on my chance to buy two buildings in the last round by the single coin I should have gotten from either of those discoveries, it turns out that I had enough after all. Instead, I couldn’t buy two buildings in the last round because Aaron purposely blocked me from doing so, even though he couldn’t buy one himself. He thought he was blocking Shneur, but in fact screwed me instead.

Aaron got the initial $20 building followed by two more buildings, and he was the only one with real soldiers in the New World, but he never had more than 3 income the entire game. Shneur picked up two early merchant ships – even when he couldn’t use the second one – and then a third, and then the building that made each of us pay him $1 per ship per round. By the last round he had 5 merchant ships. We all thought he was going to win, but Karina was massively into missionaries and had such a huge lead in colonists in the New World that she kept ahead in the end.

Our game took a VERY long time.


Gili, Jonathan, Francis, Alan

I didn’t see how this went, but they played with the real rules about curses that I won’t play with. Still, they seemed to enjoy it.


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