bgg.con 2015 My boats don’t capsize


20151120_001515Time Stories

I didn’t play this, but it’s another very popular game people were talking about. It’s a coop to solve a mystery, once you solve it, which takes several tries, you need to buy another scenario.



20151120_104111Good marketing with the title, most boardgamers have played the computer game. I had it on a Commodore 64, I mostly remember the clomping sound of the mule running away, and that it was a good resource games, but not the details. I was waiting at the My Village table, people said they liked it better than Village, but then M.U.L.E. (Multiple Use Labor Element) opened up and I went to play that. The players had all played the computer game, on Ataris, which sounds like a more advanced color version than my monochrome one. We played the intro game, which made things easier so a bit less fun but now I’m happy to play intro versions. The other players said it was true to the computer game.

20151120_104051I was randomly first player, which is terrible, you go last for tile selection, and get a negative effect card just for you, then you need to pick one player to give a positive effect card, their way of balancing the game. At one point early on, the general event card would have hurt me, I was OK with it, but the guy who knew the game felt sorry for me and redrew it. (The guy who knew the game used to work at Electronic Arts when it was small, and had recommended against their NFL games.) I produced Chrystalite early, the others were producing Smithore, and I sold at a high price, so having the most money kept me in first place in turn order. A player asked how I was complaining and winning, very funny. But after that other players overtook me. 227, me 223, 196, 193


20151120_130057I had time before I had to go get my stuff from my room and then meet Abe to leave for Shabbat, this game didn’t look long, but took longer than I expected and I just made it to my room to pick up my luggage before my late checkout expired. A whitewater rafting racing game. Each player has two boats, and another player is their partner for a boat, so each player is partnered with two different players. You secretly assign 1 and 2 points to your boats, you want your higher scoring boat to win, 3 boats score. There are dice that you roll for penalties in eddies, and you can push other boats. It’s very well done and fun to play, apparently much more fun with six players which completely crowds the river. In the advanced game, penalties include going back to where you lost an oar, whereas in our game you only lost actions. You can help your partner instead of taking your own actions, though that kind of screws your other partner. You can really screw up a partner by focusing on only one boat, no one did that. One player needed to leave partway through, which we knew from the beginning, but we got someone walking by to fill in, who did well. I guessed on which partner would play better, not based on much, and was lucky that none of my boats capsized. Me 8, 7, 4, 2



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