November 18, 2015

Participants: Jon, David K, Jonathan, Roman, Gili, Alan

First time attendance for Jonathan, who actually lives pretty close. It was also his first exposure to these games of ours, and he seemed to get along well. Hopefully he will be back.

Magic: The Gathering

Jon+, David

David arrived a bit early to draft and play with me. We only got in one game, which allowed me to experience a rare win. Even when I win a game, which is not typical, I usually the two others out of three.

My deck had some solid creature removal and a lot of low power creatures. David had better creatures. I had some game ending cards (like “creatures can’t block” but I didn’t get any. I won by the skin of my teeth. David attacked with everything, hoping to kill all of my creature, but I have an instant to save one of them and also grow it at the same time. He lost too many of his creatures and I was able to kill him in return.

No Thanks

David 17, Jonathan 17, Jon 31, Roman, Gili

First play for Jonathan and Roman. As his first Eurogame, it was fun to see his mind open up to the treasure that a good mechanic gives a game, and he tied for first, too. I did well until about mid-game, when I took an extra card that I thought wouldn’t be too bad, but it was not good enough to trim the sails on David and Jonathan’s neat ships.

Jonathan 20something, Alan 60something, Jon 80

At the end of the evening we played this one more time, and Jonathan walked away with a clean victory. I took an early high card, and then another because I had to. Alan also ran out of chips a few times and had to take a few cards.


Gili 44, David 43, Roman 36

First play for Roman. I didn’t see how it went.


David, Gili, Roman

Again, I didn’t see how it went.

Alien Frontiers

Alan 10, Jon 7, Jonathan 6

First play for both of them. I took an early lead, which, if you know this game, means very little. As we closed toward the last quarter of the game, it looked like I would win unless someone bothered to stop me, which they finally did. They both were greatly amused at how much damage they could do to me once they put their mind to it. I didn’t find it as amusing, not because I was being damaged, or that I couldn’t do anything about it, but simply because I know that’s how the game does. Anyhoo…

Even when I was no longer ahead and pointed out that Alan could pretty much win as soon as he could place his base on the board, I was still the target of attacks. So naturally Alan won.

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