October 14, 2015

Participants: Jon, Nadine, Nisan, David, Avi, Gili, Aaron, Schneur, Alan

Alan came late and had to wait a bit, but not too long.


Jon 2, David 4, Nadine 5, Nisan, Avi

Avi 6, Jon 11, David, Nadine, Nisan

First plays for Nisan. Avi ended the first game with a rainbow tableau, and then Nisan did the same in the second game. Nadine hurt me in one color on the final move in the second game, but I still would have been one point down.

Taj Mahal

Nadine 62, David 50, Gili 38, Avi less

First play for Avi, at least. Avi didn’t like the game at all and switched to just collecting cards. Nadine had good luck; she sat out at least one battle that drained five or more cards from the others. Avi had bad luck, although I think he might not yet have a mature feel for when it is worth battling and when not. Still, you can do you best and some annoying opponent just won’t give up. And that’s what it’s all about. I heard a number of expressions of frustration with the gameplay.


Jon 54, Nisan 49, Schneur 33, Aaron 32

Meanwhile I took advantage of new victims to inflict a train game on them, since my older players don’t like train games and I rarely get to play one. First play for all of them.

We all played spotty in the opening two or three turns. Nisan took a role that didn’t end up helping him, but actually it made him first in turn order the next round, so it did, kind of. In turn 5, when I started progressing in VP, he took one more boost in income, making him one delivery behind me in points. In truth, it cost him a few points in VPs (he gained some in VPs on the income track) but might have given him some in being able to pay for roles or tracks, so I don’t know. I think the more important mistake was leaving me with a supply of 6 point deliveries; they could have eaten into that a bit harder and made it more difficult for me to deliver cubes by the end.

Nisan benefited by having one side of the board to himself for most of the game, and in the end Shneur and Aaron sent a few points his way during their own deliveries, which nearly changed the outcome.


Nadine 20, David 17, Alan 16, Avi 15

First play for Alan. They played with the twists: 1) lose all of your money after inventing, and 2) play two actions each round.

On Nadine’s first turn, she thought she had 20 coins and selected Invent, but then she realized that she couldn’t invent anything with only 10 coins. David would have won with 22 if he had played Invent and Research instead of Research and Work on the last round; Nadine had 12 points and played an 8 point invention.


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