September 9, 2015

Participants: Jon, Nadine, Gili, Aaron, Ezra, Rachel, Ben

Rachel is a newcomer who is moving into the field of game development. She and her husband Ezra showed up with a game for us to try. Ben came about mid-evening.


Nadine 20, Jon 17, Gili 17, Aaron 15

Twists: 1) during Research, pick 2 cards and discard 1. 2) Can’t play the same action twice in a row. I thought this was a fairly dull game, although Aaron totally destroyed me by making me discard my last invention, one that would have given me three new inventions (thus saving me three turns). I was still two rounds behind Nadine.


Gili, Jon, Nadine, Aaron

Played as a quick filler while waiting for Rachel and Ezra. We stopped mid-game, but Gili was winning, having already scored a yahtzee.

Exploding Kittens

Nadine, Gili, Jon, Rachel, Ezra, Aaron

This is an insipid game of drawing cards until you lose. Decisions are intended to distract you from this. The selling point is essentially the name recognition by the cartoonist who provided the humorous pictures. Still, if you like pure luck games, you may find this amusing with the right group of friends and drink.

I “quit” mid-game by simply telling people to pick on my behalf every time it was my turn. I never drew an exploding kitten card, so I was winning by the time everyone else quit.

Ticket to Ride

Jon 113, Ezra 108, Rachel 63

First play for Ezra and Rachel. They appeared to enjoy it, but not with the kind of enthusiasm I sometimes see. A close finish helped. Ezra had longest route. I had routes coast to coast and had most tickets, but still couldn’t draw another ticket of any value so lost on my last ticket pick. I decided not to try again. Ezra drew on his last turn; he also couldn’t score the ticket, and it turned out that that was why he lost.

Five Tribes

Ben 164, Nadine 153, Gili 145, Aaron 140

First play by Ben. Ben saved or acquired the most actual cash (68) during the game, with a Jinn gaining 2 points when others placed palaces, and he got at least 15 points on a blue move. Aaron had a set of cards worth 60, Nadine had 50. Gili scored 48 in yellow meeples with a Jinn card making each one worth 3 points.


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