September 02, 2015

Participants: Nadine, Jon, Aaron, Gili

Nadine kindly hosted while my apt was still undergoing renovations.


Jon 59, Nadine 56, Gili 51, Aaron 47

First play for Aaron, second play for me. This is a game with many moving parts and perhaps one or two more mechanics than it really needs. Fortunately, the game seems to work well enough. I would put it on the Agricola level of complexity, and actually they have a lot in common: worker placement, several complex multi-step mechanisms, feeding workers, single monuments/improvements for victory points, limited game length … anyway, they’re in the same family.

I was/am totally convinced that I didn’t know what I was doing, and so I ended up doing a little bit of everything. I’m fairly sure that a more directed and synergistic strategy should yield better results. On the other hand, I scored two skulls, the bonus from one “god” track (hereinafter called “corrupt official” tracks), and one monument. None of my scores in any one area were the best in that area, but I scored enough in all the areas to win by a slight margin. So that contradicts the previous sentence I wrote, entirely. 🙂

Aaron had the best monument, which, if we read it correctly, gave him 3 points for each level of progression in the technology track, yielding 21 points. Gili scored the most skulls. Nadine scored the most in the corrupt official tracks.

Nadine adds: I would have had more points if I had taken a skull the first time I reached it, instead of waiting and taking the next spot with two resources, because I didn’t use them til the end, and it tied up my skull wheel workers for a long time.


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