August 19, 2015

Participants: Jon, David, Nadine, Assaf, Zeev, Gili

My brother dropped off two of my nephews, Assaf and Zeev.

Lords of Waterdeep

David 169, Jon 148, Zeev 125

Scores approximate. Second play for Zeev. David initially focused on multiple instances of actions that net him many cubes. After he was rich, he searched the deck for the 25 point quests; he didn’t find any, but he found many of the 20 point quests, all of which he was able to fulfill either immediately or (usually) within one additional action. In addition, the buildings he built were used every round.

I got two initial quests that each gave me extra points for buildings: one that gave me 4 points for whenever I built a building, and one that gave me +2 points/building when I played the quest. I built a bunch of buildings, but they were not always used. I also fulfilled some high point quests, but I couldn’t compete with David’s trove of cubes. Zeev was fairly close behind me.


Gili 36, Assaf 33, Nadine 31

Second play for Gili, first play for everyone else. Nadine writes: I used a non-mission strategy, I did some missions and used the spot to exchange money for points. I was ahead before bonuses. You can only have two bonus cards. Assaf exchanged twice and got 9, Gili had the highest one and another good one for 11, and I got 3, not enough. I bought a geisha that I never used, and would have done better if I knew the game. Gili’s played once before. You get mostly money from missions and a few points, but you get no points for money at the end unless you have the relevant bonus card. We want to make a lot of changes to the game, Gili’s going to look up variants.

This game took the entire evening to teach and play.

Five Tribes

Jon 204, David 186, Zeev 149

First play for Zeev. This game was very tough compared to many others we have played. The palace areas were unavailable until the very end of the game, and even the tree areas were in short supply. David snagged the 15 point are on the third to last round, but only using a djinn that let you take control of an area that still had meeples on it.

David got the early djinn that gave him more djinns and he used it almost every round, amassing many points and some abilities (but not too many). He neglected the resource cards, but his area control was still the best.

I had only a little less area control, about half as many djinn points, but more ending money and many more resource points. Still, I think either he or I miscounted the final points since I think he should have won.


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