In the Tropics

Love Letter

David+, Avi, Nadine, Nisan

Avi loves this game, a quick opener.


Avi 182, David 170

David, with a little assistance from me and Gili, taught this to Avi. They liked the game, and ended up having played a lot of skulls. Avi got first place in all the temples.

Bora Bora

Gili 163, Nadine 159, Nisan 153

Gili taught us. She benefited from knowing the game, though she didn’t know it that well or she would have been able to point out more things as we played. As it was, we backtracked several times due to not having understood options and implications. The game is complicated somehow, with limited interaction among the different areas and lots of choices. But balanced, we ended up close together on the scoring track most of the game. Halfway through I realized it felt like a Stefan Feld game which it is. There is luck but also mitigation. Gili ended with 4 on the second track, we alternated on the turn order one, no one completed all 9 green tasks. I should have used my shells earlier, I thought it didn’t matter since I didn’t have many, but I got too many later so would have had at least 5 more points that way, and that wouldn’t have cost any actions. It was interesting to play.


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