Year of the Sad Avi

Year of the Dragon

Nadine 107, David 91, Yedidya 78, Nisan 72, Avi 64

First play for Yedidya and Nisan; Avi played once almost exactly a year ago – he won a close 4-player game using the books strategy. This game is difficult for new players, even tougher with 5, and unforgiving once you get behind. You have to think a few rounds ahead which ends up being confusing. Avi tried the book strategy again, which hurt David who was using it more successfully. Avi made a few mistakes, by which time he had lost too many people so basically gave up and eventually went down to no people and no buildings. I had the advantage of going last when we took people before starting, it turned out that let me take first place in turn order so I could get a dragon right off. David got one next round, and then the others. I build twice without a builder and once with, and used one joker to get an extra geisha in two single level palaces which I hadn’t done before, so I quickly had 7 points per turn – 4 palaces, 2 geishas and a dragon. I was second to last in turn order most of the game, and took 3 coins around 3 times, using them once to take the rice action and twice for taxes. Nisan started off last in turn order, not realizing how strong the effect is. He tried a money strategy with money guys, but lost out in other areas, and needed money for taxes so didn’t get a dragon early. Yedidya had 22 coins at the end of the game, and two rice, for over 7 bonus points. I had 6 people at the end and two double monks. David stayed in first place in turn order most of the game, and scored well with books, but at a high cost. Event order was war, epidemic, drought, war, taxes, fireworks, epidemic, drought, fireworks, taxes.


Avi/Nadine+, David/Yedidya

We were going to rotate with five players, but Nisan decided to leave rather than learn another new game. He said every time he comes he plays a new game – that isn’t unusual, what is unusual the number of locations he’s been at in a short time. Avi and I had excellent cards, and are more experienced than Yedidya. I made a Grand Tichu and one or two regular ones, Avi made some Tichus and missed one. We had over 800 points and were ahead by around 400 when we stopped. When I called Tichu before passing cards, David picked up all 3 of his cards, which makes sense but I had only been thinking of influencing what Avi passed me. David gave me the dog which almost messed me up, but David didn’t have the right cards to block me. He led and called for an Ace which I had to play; when he tried that earlier, when I hadn’t called Tichu, I had no aces and Yedidya played one.

It was a fun evening, it’s nice when David and Avi can make it.


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