July 14, 2015

Participants: Jon, Nadine, Nisan, Nir, Aaron, Schneur


Jon 34, Nadine, Nisan, Nir, Aaron

I don’t recall the other player’s scores, but I think Aaron was close. The twists were: double every action, and you need 30 points to win. I had the 12 cost invention that gave 1 point per invention. It’s under-priced in a typical game, but even more so in a game to 30 points. I think it was worth 8 or 9 points by game end.

Lords of Waterdeep

Nisan 141, Jon 141, Nadine 126, Nir 122, Aaron 111

First play for Nisan, Nir, and Aaron. This is very easy to pick up. Everyone likes it except Nadine, who thinks there is too much luck and not enough interaction. I don’t think it’s much different than Princes of Florence, except PoF is a tighter game with money. In our game, Aaron nearly prevented me from finishing my last work by intriguing away a needed resource, but there was an action left for me to acquire it again.

Nadine had to choose whether to give me or Nir 4 coins from her own intrigue card, and she chose me, even though I was second to last place and Nir was last place (with no active quests). She gave it to me, and I thought it actually helped me complete my last quest, but it didn’t, because my second to last quest gave me money anyway. If she had given it to Nir, Nir actually would have been able to complete another quest, since he flipped up four quests and could have completed one of them but he needed one cube and 2 coins, and could not get both. It would have given him about 10 more points (or maybe 14 if it matched his Lord).

Instead, the 2 extra points enabled me to tie Nisan for the final score. Undoubtedly there is a tiebreaker rule in LoW, but neither Nissim nor I wanted to look it up, since neither of us had been playing for it. In any case, it was Nisan’s first game, so he did quite well to tie me, who is more experienced. Of course, he also started with two 25 point quests.

Aaron spent too much time collecting intrigue cards.

Through the Desert

Schneur 66, Nadine 65, Nisan 57, Jon 50, Aaron 41

First game for Schneur (and his first visit to the group), Nisan, and Aaron. Nadine had only played once or twice. This was my pick for a light game to end the night.

It’s pretty crowded with 5 players. Nadine as usual pretended not to know what to do but she swept two 10 point color bonuses and tied in another. Schneur also had one and a tie, and he also roped off a large corner of the board. I connected to some oases and had a corner of the board, but I only tied in one color train. Aaron didn’t get any color bonuses.

It’s a dry game, and no one loved it, but I think it played ok.


One thought on “July 14, 2015

  1. I now see the appeal of Lords of Waterdeep, it has meaningful decisions and interaction like other games do, though selecting a particular player to attack or assist is more freewheeling than most of our games. This was the first time I collected and used Intrigue cards, they make a difference. I could have given the 4 coins to anyone, but figured you were definitely far enough ahead of me that we weren’t competing, which was true. If I had given it to Nir he would have ended ahead of me which was not the case with Aaron, and in both those cases Nissim would have won, but I couldn’t know all that.

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