July 8, 2015

Participants: Jon, Assaf, Aaron, Aryeh, Binyamin, Nisan, Natan, Gili


Aaron 21, Assaf 20, Jon 19, Aryeh, Gili

First play for Aaron and Aryeh. We played with the rules: 1) Every invention causes all other players to lose 2 coins, and 2) You gain +5 points if you have 5 or more cards in your hand.

The first rule was bad enough with 3 or 4 players, but harsh with 5. It made money hard to accumulate, and therefore increased the value of minions. Aaron placed three of his minions on Work and was raking in good money. I had 3 on Invent but wasn’t making as much.

Assaf and Aaron both hit exactly 20 points: 15 and cards, but Aaron had 6 cards, one of which cost nothing to play; Assaf only had 5 cards. I was one round away from hitting 22.

Castles of Burgundy

Jon 240ish, Gili 210ish, Aaron 190ish, Natan 160ish

First play for Natan, second for Aaron. Everyone was convinced that Gili was going to take this; she got ahead by phase 2 with some super animals and also had tons of +4/building type bonus tiles. I narrowed the gap with two six-tile regions, and I also had both bonus tiles for selling goods. They were worth 11 and 18 points each. I leaped ahead with three 7-point “first to complete a color” tiles, one more bonus building for these tiles (6 points), and 8 points in coins. I didn’t add a single animal.


Assaf 17, Aryeh 15, Binyamin 12, Nisan 2

First game for all but Binyamin, I don’t know the game. I also don’t know what happened. They played this while we played Castles of Burgundy.

King of Tokyo

Aryeh 12 points + 2 health, Assaf dead, Nisan 20 points + 7 health, Binyamin 15 points + 4 health

I also don’t know how this game went. They played this while we played Castles of Burgundy.

For Sale

Jon 105, Binyamin 74, Assaf 65ish

First play for Binyamin. A light game to end the night.

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