July 1, 2015

Participants: Jon, Nissan, Binyamin, Omri, Gili, Aaron, Shaul, Tal

From famine to feast. Binyamin came for the first time; he has wanted to come for a while but wasn’t able to. He also brought his friend Nissan, who lives pretty close and also should have come sooner. 🙂 Gili brought two nephews, Omri and Shaul. All of the new people were experienced players, more or less.

We waited for a few of the participants to come after maariv.


Jon, Gili, Shaul, Nissan, Omri

Score: 16. First play for everyone except for Gili and me. We managed to play without too many information slips. It was still a fun game, far more for the tense moments of doing the wrong or right thing, often by accident, than for the end result. We killed the 2s in two colors fairly quickly, but we made it up to 5 in one color and then 4 and 5 in two other colors with 1 life left. Yay us.

7 Wonders

Nissan 58, Omri 55, Jon 53, Binyamin 49, Aaron 42, Gili 41, Shmuel 28

First play for everyone except me, Binyamin (who brought the game) and Gili (who had played once or twice). First play with 7 players for all of us I think (I’ve played with 6), which is a little odd since the cards never make it back to you.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and it played fairly smoothly even with 7. Nissan won with strong military as well as decent blue and purple. I thought I was doing well with my blue (I thought green would be impossible with 7 players) and my wonder but that wasn’t enough. I played with very few resources but yellow cards that let me buy them cheaply. Omri’s second place was earned with military and decent showings with his wonder, blue and green (4 of a kind). Binyamin had tons of resources and was hoping to make up the point differential on the last age, but it wasn’t enough.


Omri 48, Shaul 33, Nissan 30, Gili 21

First play for everyone except for Gili, who had played once a long time ago. I had them play with my rule tweak that has the curse only kill the next disk in line for a treasure card, instead of the entire treasure (which swings the game too much). Everyone seemed to enjoy this one, too.


Jon/Binyamin 460ish, Tal/Aaron 440ish

First play for Binyamin, second for Aaron. They didn’t do much of a job teaching Binyamin how to play while I was teaching the others how to play Tobago, so the first few hands were a series of rules surprises for Binaymin. He still caught on quickly.

We started with a 200 point jump, then Aaron/Tal made two Tichu’s +80 points on each. We pulled ahead again, and then Binyamin lost a Tichu when Aaron got in and played two full houses and then went out. Then I called Grand Tichu and Aaron did the exact same thing again. After that we were still only down 200 points or so. On the last hand, down about 210 points, I called Grand Tichu again and made it + at least half the points. I think we ended up slightly ahead, but we didn’t count thoroughly so we might have actually tied. Anyhoo, Aaron continues to love the game and I think Binyamin has been converted.

Leastwise, Binyamin and Nissan promised to come again. Hopefully Omri and Shaul will, too.


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