June 16, 2015

Participants: Jon, Nadine, Gili

We played on Tuesday, because Wed was even more difficult for people. A small game night even so.


Gili said she would be late, and many of my games are still in boxes so I pulled this one out almost at random. Nadine doesn’t particularly like it, but I do. It’s little like Dvonn: hard to fathom why the early moves matter until you get closer to the end game, but the more you play, the more it seems to make sense. Still, the game, like a NIM game, will suddenly kill you if you don’t plan well ahead, and I lost to Nadine by one round.


First play for both of us. We played with a variant I heard online that lets you play one part of the parenthesis and take the other one from a pile set aside at the beginning of the game. Still the game play seems rather uninteresting, especially is you have an ergo and the opponent doesn’t, and the game moves seem rather limited. I will have to look up more commentary on the game. I got the game mostly because of the cool, geek theme.


Nadine 125, Jon 120, Gili 80something

We haven’t played this in a while, because I am of the opinion that it is just too long and fiddly, and I don’t like the provost mechanic, though I can see it’s appeal. My opinion didn’t change after this play, and I think my fellow gamers felt similarly. We didn’t do TOO much provost attacking, but enough to keep people away from the end of the line unless they took the “move the provost three spaces” action. Nadine took an early lead by monopolizing all of the best buildings, including every possible way to produce stone. She must have gained 50 points from people using her buildings (more than 5 a round, I believe). I planned for the best blue buildings, but Gili squeaked out the 25 point building ahead of me. It wasn’t enough to really hurt me; after all it costs 11 points in resources to take it.

Next time we’ll try Calyus Magna Carta.

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