June 03, 2015

Participants: Jon, Nadine, Aaron, Natan

Aaron brought Natan over for his first visit. Natan had played all the games that Aaron has, so he was able to jump into the deep end at our place.

Dominion: Seaside+

Nadine 38, Jon 34, Natan 21, Aaron 7

Aaron had never played with any of the Dominion expansions and was eager to play them. Natan was also happy to try them. We picked randomly from my entire collection (base, Intrigue, Seaside, Prosperity, and some promos) and ended up with 7 Seaside cards (Haven, Native Village, Pearl Diver, Ambassador, Navigator, Tactician, Treasury), two Prosperity cards (Watchtower, Vault (no Colony/Platinum)), and one Intrigue card (Ironworks). The mix was fine. I played early Ambassadors and that defined my hand and play; strangely, while everyone else admired the strategy, no one else played them (except a single play). Nadine, as usual, went straight for Silvers and, despite this being a mediocre strategy, she won, though neither I nor she knows how. Aaron passed up the opportunity to buy Provinces at least twice, as he was continuing to try to refine his deck after my several plays of Ambassador, but he ended up not buying any victory points at all.


Aaron 56, Jon 54, Nadine 42, Natan 42

First play for both Aaron and Natan. This is one of my favorites and I don’t get to play it too often. They loved it.

Like in the last game, I thought I was doing pretty well, although I passed more frequently than I usually do. I had too many farmers, too quickly, and while they were making a lot of victory points, they were making it hard to make money. I passed the last round in order to have enough money/gold to pay off several debts. Aaron passed in round 9 to have enough money to buy the buildings he needed in round 10.

Nadine passed on the first round and easily took a steel mill on second round, making her the only one to produce steel the entire game. She somehow stalled after that. Aaron took several buildings that let him break the rules: pay gold instead of copper or cows, pay trading chips instead of money, outbid without outbidding, etc. These all combined to achieve the win, but not by much.


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